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September 2013



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Oh dear. Cranky.

So, the computer is being wonky--not only is my new external drive not accessible, but neither is my DVD writer.  Greaaaaat.

And it's all very, very slow. 

I need my new RAM.  Or something.

My camera's software is on strike...I can only download 2 pictures at a time, drag-and-drop.  Sloooooow.  I deleted the program and reinstalled it.  Same/same.  Crud.

I thought I was done with the manuscript and was oh-so-ready to move on to other things, but my editor thought it would be good to send me PDFs to see how things look and so I could answer a few last minute questions...would have been, too, if they hadn't hung up my system and taken forever to download.  I finally had to go into my webmail to get at them rather than the inbox.  And then when I finally got everything downloaded, saved, and logged off, my email program didn't recognize my password any more.  Joy.

So.  My plan at the house was to at least use Mark's big Shop Vac to start getting up some of the mountains of dust--we can't even walk through without getting our shoes full of it.  So guess what he stopped by this morning to pick up...?  Of course.

He's off on someone else's job this week, and I've accomplished so little it's laughable.

So.  I got ready to mail my orders and ran out of packing tape.  Figured I'd use Scotch tape instead.  Who knew there was only 6" left on the roll??  So I got to hike all over Walmart, NEVER my favorite activity.

Oh well, home now, not a lot done but FINISHED for the day, just the same.  Happy my mother-in-law-to-be turns out not to have a serious health problem after all, probably her meds giving her headaches, not a tumor or other serious problem.

Thank God for HUGE favors...and as Miz Scarlett always said, tomorrow is another day.  Thank God for that, too.


sounds like a truly craptacular day! i hope whatever gremlin is inhabiting your electronics gives up, pretty soon. and may the tape fairies leave huge rolls of packing tape under your pillow!
I love that "craptacular!" (Loved the Zen email this morning, too, thanks! I hate being so busy I don't have time to respond...)

I just couldn't believe running out of everything and everything stopping working at the same time...just whingeing, I know. I'm delighted not to have Real Problems, but dang, I would love to be able to just GET MY WORK DONE.

I've been trying to get someone to fix this thing for a month...gettin' on my last two nerves here!