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September 2013



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The things that get to you...

The City and the museum here are cooperating in a fundraising effort...commemorative bricks out in front of our City Hall, the Hall of Waters in Excelsior Springs.  I wanted to help out, so I bought a brick in memory of my late husband...he's been gone 10 years, and I STILL got teary when I found his brick in the walkway.

They were just putting them in this week...fun to watch, and of course I had to run home and get my camera...


That's very sweet.10 years seems like yesterday. Your husband was born the same year as my dad who has been gone 20 years...Gone too young, both of them.
Yes, they were! I'm sorry about your dad...that is WAY too young. My mom was only 53, so I do understand. Harris was 18 years older than I was, so I thought I was prepared...but I wasn't.
aww..that is like my husband and i..if i could remain fairly healthy we might get slightly older together, because women do tend to live longer. Alas..there will probably be wife number 2.
Are you that much older? I'm 10 years older than J., I've probably mentioned...
oh yea..closer to twenty than ten:)
You know, once we're all grown up, what's the difference? (Sometimes I think about how bizarre it would have been to have met him when I was 20 and he was 10, though...ewwww....*G*)
yea..my ex was older so i have 2 step sons in their 30's..one is a year older than my husband. And i thought all of their friends were immature and annoying. I kind of thought Gary was older than 23 when we met..a career, education, car..and just back from 6 months traveling alone in Australia the year before. He's basically raised my youngest 2..and my son lived with us a few years. So..life is cool.

Contrary to the popular tv and movie themes..alot of younger men love older women and stick with them. :)
I've noticed! And treat us very well indeed...oh, my yes...

Your husband sounds like a find! I think we are all very fortunate...
Yes we are!!