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September 2013



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Rehab Spread

Rehab Spread, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

This is the other recent rehab work sketch, though last night I was so tired I just did a bunch of little graphed sketches--this is hard work for an old girl! (OK, for anyone!)

My beloved Stihl leather work gloves DID let me down this morning--let a splinter through and I had to quit working till I stopped bleeding! ACK, wasted TIME...



wow! I really like your sketches and I'm amazed by the before pictures you posted to EDM. Looks like a lot of work, but it also looks like there's a lot of potential. Best wishes!

Thanks, Mikki, it IS a lot. I'm feeling my age this afternoon, but I'll be ready to go again tomorrow.*G*


These sketches are great, Kate. I'm glad you posted about them! That house is going to be gorgeous. Casey
Thank you, Casey! I'm glad I did too, since I heard from you!*G* I think it's going to be wonderful, yes. SOON we get to get some drywall up, because we're fixing the leaky roof this week. ("We," did you catch that? I don't do ladders OR roofs!!!*GG*)
Thank you, E-J! Glad I finally started drawing what I was working on, it feels different now!
That cracked me up - the height of rehab fashion! Boy, I remember those days well...
I really like the way you balanced this composition. The diagonal of the wall pushing you to the right and the curve of the glove pulling you back in. Really really nice.
Thank you! It did need something to balance it, it was going to shoot right off the page!