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September 2013



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kitchen montage

kitchen montage, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

There are times when I'm really glad I am an artist. I don't see what IS, always, but what WILL be--the picture in my mind's eye. This is basically what the little built-in Victorian cabinet in J's house looks like (detail of the woodwork at upper right) but in reality it's a bit more woebegone.

It WON'T be, though. It will be lovely...

Actually there's quite a bit of chipped paint and gunk, handprints and something you really don't want to know about, inside...and erk, acoustic tile on the ceiling, which will GO, and that 50s wallpaper, likewise...I got the last of the paneling off, above it, today though...Mark brought a very sturdy little stepstool so I could reach it!


i love hearing about your rehab project. i can see the potential you see and it's going to be just wonderful! I kinda like fixing up Dad's cottage at the same time - feels like I sorta have a "partner in crime" or grime :-) *hugs*
Oh, COOL, yes! We'll be grime-buds! Are you keeping a photo journal anyplace? I'd love to see what you're doing!
Oh, oh, oh, I found your Flickr album of the cottage! Lovely! What a treasure, I'm so glad you have it!
I rehabbed a 3 story salt box on the south coast of Oregon in the 90's,( took it down to the studs, pulled wiring, replaced plumbing, insulated, upgraded windows, refinished floors, decorated). I love old houses, they hold an energy no newer house can ever hope to deliver. Keep posting pics!
I'd love to see pictures of your project! It's always inspiring (to see others actually survived.*G*)
Who said I survived? I nearly killed a power hungry building inspector during the work. I'll poke through the pics I have in storage that the leak to our storage shed last winter did not take out with mold and mildew and see if I can find the album.... it was actually my second revamp project. I also did a 1902 craftsman bungalow in Coos Bay, and I have to tell you, I'm not sure I ever be able to find the energy or the drive to do a project like that again.
I'll look forward to seeing them! Yep, I've done several rehabs before this, but NEVER this extensive. Whew...I hope this is the last!