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September 2013



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7 secrets?

There's a meme going around the Everyday Matters group and though I normally don't have time, it's early, I'm just waking up, and I got tagged.  So I'll give it a try!  (Maybe I need more coffee first though--I'm a pretty open person--embarrassingly so, sometimes!--and I don't know that I HAVE seven secrets!) (Heh.  Turns out I did.  You get on a roll, huh?)

#1. is, maybe, that I have quite the little Irish temper.  (Some people already know this, so it's not REALLY a secret.*GG*) It may not show unless you know me face to face--that's one thing I like about e-communication!  I can write whatever flaming rhetoric I like, full of sound and fury, and then--NOT SEND.  Cool-off time is goooood.  So is venting.  On paper.  In private.  Then I print it out and burn it.  Very cathartic!

I did learn early to control the temper...I was a little girl when the porch swing banged me in the shins.  Made me SO mad I kicked it! 

Guess what?  It kicked BACK.  Harder.  Um.  Never mind. 

I also learned a lesson that a lot of people (OK, my late husband) didn't seem to have--if you get mad and throw things?  They break.  Or otherwise make a mess.  Somebody's gotta clean them up.  That's generally me.  So.  Um.  Never mind.  I'll throw a pillow. 

Besides, my sister's lovely mother-in-law, the consummate lady, may she rest in peace, always inspired us with her example of grace..."I'm just going to RISE ABOVE IT."  So that's what I try to do...(after I burn the rhetoric...)

2.  I took care of my invalid mother from the time I was 8 till she died ten years later.  Maybe that's when I learned to deal with whatever life hands you, come to think of it!  It wasn't her fault she was ill....and it caused her a lot more pain than it did me!

3. I used to be REALLY afraid of spiders--till I started drawing them (and everything else in nature!) about 15+ years ago.  They're really very interesting, and some are quite beautiful.  Still not a bit fond of brown recluses though--I've seen too many near my bed (and a dead, dry one IN it, brrrr) and in my clothes!  (Please do NOT send me photos of what their bites can do.  I've seen them.  Ig.)

4.  I had a jumping spider for a pet/friend all one summer a few years ago--it lived in a corner in my bathroom.  They have huge round eyes (well some of them are huge--spiders have a lot of eyes) and their little furry pedipalps looked like mittens, waving at me.  He--or she--was really cute...ended up in one of my illustrations, even!  I ought to frame that one...

5.  I worked as a janitor for a while, after my husband lost his job in the early 80s.  It's not glamorous, but it's honest work and it kept food on the table--I wasn't earning enough as a freelance artist to pull that off very often!

6.  I like lutefisk.  Yes, I do, too.  (My Danish friends know this is no secret.*G*) 

7.  I dislike Drama, capital D, in emails, in blog form, in person--passionately.  Maybe even dramatically!*GG*  Politics, too. 

Oh, wait, that's 8...but then my dislike of politics isn't exactly a secret, either.  I've worked in local politics, in the past, so I know it's on every level, not just national party politics.  EVERYTHING gets politicized, and there's almost no way to find that kernel of truth.  Blasted spin doctors...

Not to mention the fact that perfectly lovely people who like and even love eachother and normally respect one another get all vicious and hateful on the subject.  Been there, seen that, and even done it, I'm embarrassed to admit.

So maybe that leads me to #9.  (Or maybe that's really 8?  It's no secret I try to avoid political discussions!  I really hate to hear things I know or suspect to be untrue, or at the very least one-sided, espoused so fanatically, from either end of the political spectrum.) 

Anyway--7 1/2, 8, 9, whatever--I don't watch TV.  For me, anyway, it's a massive waste of time and energy.  And emotion.  People ask me how I get so much done?  I turned off the TV 10 years ago.  Voila, instant time! 

(Now if I'd just shut off the computer more often...*G*)


Kicking a door was how i learned very early about inanimate objects and how unsatisfying they can be..Some people never learn that.

I wasn't a janitor, but i took a job with my friend's cleaning company because i thought it would be good excercise, money and i am a house voyeur.

Eight is very young to have to take care of one's mother.I'm not sure what invalid means, was she bedridden?:(

I would not eat lutefisk..it looks awful!! My favourite Scandanavian fish thing is gravlax.

I didn't have tv for years..now when i do things like iron etc i like to watch a Mystery or sci fi..or maybe a movie. I stopped going to movies years ago.The seats have gotten to hard and i don't have the best attention span to just sit somewhere for two hours and not fiddle with something.

After i dumped my ex..and even before i resolved to not have drama in my life,i'm sure half of my physical problems come from my insane life with the crazy guy.As a result..i don't have many friends here..i have a lot back east that i've had forever.

I think i used to have an Irish temper..altho it was my grandfather who was Irish..and i never saw him lose his:)
I cleaned commercial buildings--a bank and the local phone company's two buildings. Occasionally a bit grim.*rg*

She had rheumatoid arthritis, then was in a wheelchair, having lost a leg to diabetes. Pretty brave lady, though...

And OH yeah, I watch videos and DVDs, when I'm wiped out or sick or when I have mindless handwork to do. Just not regular TV--no game shows, reality (!?!?) TV, sitcoms, laugh tracks, commercials, and NO NEWS. I get my news in other ways...

Thank God for email and phone, eh? Even though your friends are far away, you can still BE friends.

And you're right, my Irish comes from my maternal grandfather, and he virtually never raised his voice! He was a saint, in the best sense of the word--everyone loved him. (Grandma was the feisty one!)


It may be a silly game, but it's interesting to learn about everyone. 8 is incredibly young to have been put in that position. I know you're not complaining but it must have been rough. I have an Irish temper too, but I get over things quickly - maybe that's what an Irish temper is?
I grew up pretty fast, that's true--maybe I'm having my childhood NOW! *G*

Define quickly.*G* It can take me anywhere from almost instantly to a week--I HATE those. Those are usually when it's justified but there's not a darn thing I can do about it...


Oh my, Cathy! I, too, have a temper. The Irish side of me, I guess. I do the same thing you do with writing it adn then deleting. Or if it's really bad, printing it out adn then burning it. Wow, and here I thought I was the only one who did that. lol! I was always made to feel guilty about my bad temper, but sometimes it's justified and sometimes not. So, there it is. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us! Glad to know you a little better. --Sherie
Yep, it certainly CAN be justified! But I always feel like you've lost the edge if you lose control--credibility is right out the window.

And no, that's sort of a sacramental way to deal with anger--it's good!


7 secrets?

Kate, you are truly an inspiration! My Mum suffers Rheumatoid Arthritis but only in her later years so it hasn't debilitated her too much, thankfully.

It's not often I come across another female who actually likes spiders. I thought I was the only one. Mind you, I keep my distance and admire them from afar. I can't bring myself to kill them unless they are the venomous kind and pose a danger. My kids know they are not allowed to kill them either so call me the moment they lay eyes on a Huntsman spider in the house as I've become quite adept at moving them to a safer area. The spider, not the kids. lol

I have no idea what lutefisk is but you can bet I'll be 'Googling' it after I post this comment.

OH, and my Dad is Irish, so I have an Irish temper too but I have to be pushed past my limit before I'll let it fly. I can't even remember the last time that happened though so I guess I'm doing okay.

It was very nice to learn a little more about you, Kate. Thanks for sharing. I love visiting your blog/website ~ :)

Serena (EDM)

Re: 7 secrets?

I think they have better ways of dealing with rheumatoid than they did 40 years ago, too. I know several people who have it, now, and aren't at all crippled up. One tells a harrowing story of the onset, it was incredibly debilitating, but she got treatment, exercised, and looks FINE now. Hardly any pain, either...amazing.

For some reason last year I had an influx of GIGANTIC wolf spiders in my bathtub. I got good at catching them and putting them outside (it was probably the same one and it just kept coming back.*G*)

I'm glad you enjoy visiting, thank you for the kind words, Serena!