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September 2013



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Finally using my new sampler journal...

SamplerJW, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

...I bound it with several different types of watercolor paper, along with black and tan drawing paper. Should be fun! I didn't quite get the text blog set in correctly, so it doesn't open as smoothly as it should for the first few signatures, but I can scan the pages, so it's fine. It gets easier farther into the book.

I just wrote in it last night and realized the pages looked naked to me now without some art...I painted the strawberry on the right AFTER I'd written about my day, so keeping the values light enough to keep the text legible while still having a strawberry punch was tricky.

Fun though.

I took a day semi-off "bread labor," as Helen and Scott Nearing used to call it. I worked on J's house this morning, took care of some business via email, dropped the Jeep off at the car-doctor, and then mostly worked in my journals.

I realized that a great DEAL of my life has been taken up with rehabbing the last month or so, but it wasn't really showing in my journal, so I took it with me when I went over, today, and sketched the wonderful little built-in Victorian cabinet in the kitchen. THAT will stay, and hooray, the back door too.

J. called from Georgia just as I was leaving to go home, so after we talked I sat on the porch and drew that, looking toward my house. When I got home I added color...will post soon.

I intended to finish the painting I started at the Art Crawl, and work on the Gregory book, but...the day filled up, somehow!

Mark found two wonderful scrappers to take away the piles of old metal, and they were back today, loading up the pickup truck again. I LOVE seeing stuff go away, particularly when it benefits someone else. They get enough scrap stockpiled and they drive to the city with it...I have no idea what one can earn that way, but they seem happy and it's a wonderful service they perform. Gotta love a closed system!

They'll be back to take my old hot water heater and even, perhaps, the furnace that was replaced 10 years ago...I love it.

All in all a satisfying day. The manuscript did NOT arrive today, and I hope to get the Gregory book ready to go out tomorrow...before I get lost in my journal again...



the page with the strawberry is phantastic. it look likke a printed book. wonderful. I love how you wrote the text over the color.

Re: wow

Thank you! Actually I wrote the text first, so I had to use really transparent pigments to paint the strawberry over it.*G*