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September 2013



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More ups, whew...

Though I'm pretty well wiped out after all that!

As near as I can tell my G drive just wanted to go bye-bye in the car-car.  I took it to see my computer guy, and he said everything showed up fine, at the shop.  I went and picked it up, and stuff is showing up here, now that I've hooked it back up.  Nervous at first--even though it was plugged in and turned on, the G drive didn't show on My Computer, then when it did there were just albums, no files.  I went off to get a cup of coffee and stuff had started popping up in the albums.   One at a time...

It's being verrrry slow, like my C: drive, but at least I can see my work, which I am backing up to DVDs even as we speak.  Type.

My computer really needs some TLC...and a LOT more RAM.

And hooray, my client told me to just mail him the miniature and the mount separately and he'd have his jeweler put them together...whew.  I paid the Express Mail fee and insurance, my treat!  Such a nice guy...

I have to go do a demo in a couple of hours and I am soooo tired.  Guess I'll take it sort of easy till then...aside from getting my stuff together...

Can you hear the hysterical laughter???


i have 128 mgs that i bought for my HP and never installed...now i have the MAC with humungous amounts of memory. want the other? it's still in the box...DISCARDIA!!! then it would be at YOUR house, and not mine!!!
Hi sweetie...I dunno! My computer guy says my new RAM is in, I think there's more than that. I just have to get it installed, now...