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September 2013



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Ups and Downs

Well, we have made a great deal of rehab progress in the last few days!  The basement is dry, the old plumbing is out, we've got scented kitty litter on the floor soaking up whatever gunk is left, and the house actually smells good!  (For some reason it's cooler over there than at MY house, even with the windows closed all day yesterday...weird...)

Getting into the plumbing part of the rehab is NOT pleasant.  Not when you're following animals, and I don't mean the 4-legged kind.  Most of the photos are too disgusting to share...poor Mark!  He says he's having flashbacks!

He's gotten one of the (used, ugh) toilets out, the old hot water heater, and the kitchen cabinets as well...there will be some repair needed under the sink, where it had rotted through to the basement, but nothing major I think...

He called some friends who are scrappers, and they came and took away much of the pipe, cabinets, and more--they'll be back for that hot water heater as well as the old one in MY basement, and the dead furnace down there.  Hooray, Discardia!

Another "up" is that I've felt a whole lot better lately.  Mark suggested I try Naprosen again (I used it when I first hurt my knee, 9 years ago, but I guess it was too hurt for ANYTHING to help it much!), and it really has helped the pain this time around.  He also suggested Tylenol PM and I've been sleeping a lot better too...I actually felt GOOD last night.  Let's hear it for Dr. Mark! 

I've been taking it a little easier with the physical labor, because I've had so much art and computer work to do...that helps too.

The "downs" are sad and very frustrating...my sweet, beloved Miss Pooh is beginning to have a little trouble breathing easily--the tumor we removed from her ear canal came back, as my vet said it would, but now in the roof of her mouth.  She doesn't seem to be in any pain, and it's not bad enough that it's panicking her, but--sometimes it's like she's snoring, and sometimes she paws at her mouth as though trying to get something out of it.  I've had her almost 14 years, and love her dearly...I don't even want to think about this, after losing 4 of my sweet fur family in the past year.  I've been denying it, but yesterday I really lost it, and cried like a baby.

And my adopted NEW cat, Oliver, is spraying in the house.  Marking his territory, I guess...he's fixed, so it doesn't smell as bad as if he weren't, but--it's not good.  I don't know what to do. 

Of course I bought expensive heavy-duty anti-smell spray from my vet, but he still returns to the same places to mark--the front door, the back door, my big black portfolio of art, and the bookcase near where he sleeps.  Sometimes the cabinet the TV is on. 

This is SO not good.  Even though I had multiple cats, they used the litter pans and I dealt with it.  It didn't smell like this. 
Truly, truly depressing.  He's a sweet, beautiful animal, but...what will it be like when I'm gone on vacation this summer?

Life's been a little nuts lately...lots of small things, I know, but stress-making.  My phone went out again last night, just like last week...waiting for the repairman.

I just completed a commissioned miniature portrait that was to be for an anniversary present, JUST under the wire if I send it express--put on the last coat of varnish and ready to put it in the mount now.  I buy the mounts and the oval bone blanks from the same source, and have for years.  This time the mount is JUST too big to hold the miniature securely.  Now what?

My phone is out again, and my cell is running out of time...AUGH, I hate going through the adding minutes process, last time it was a nightmare.

And for some reason my Photoshop Elements has decided "the above file name is invalid," even if I don't change it from how it scanned 20 times-- WTH????  Ah.  But if I change it from the G: drive to C:, it saves.  Not good.

Well.  Worse.  I checked my G: drive.  It shows all my folders, with nothing in them.  Years and years of graphics. 

I unhooked it and took it to my computer guy, after running all the tests I knew to do.  That WAS my backup...I have a few things on CD, but nowhere near as much as I should.  Praying my computer guy can figure this out, because ALL my Joseph and Kate pictures are on that drive, ALL our trips, ALL his visits, ALL the rehab work.  I was just looking at it last night.

All my Photoshopped work., too.  Fortunately, I guess, I still have a copy of my CafePress folder and my paintings and art on this drive, including my new book, but all the stuff I scanned for the new project was on G:  I was going to make a DVD today, after just finishing scanning everything yesterday.

You KNOW?  How many thousands of times do you hear BACK UP YOUR WORK, BACK UP YOUR WORK.  And I always think "tomorrow, I will."

I'm too numb to think.


I think you're RIGHT. I've always been good about dealing with the big stuff; I can handle disasters. A big pile of screwups are really getting to me.

I was JUST looking through my file of Joseph photos last night--SOOoooo precious. I got teary just looking at them. So I am SO hoping my guy can figure out what's wrong.

And of course I feel like a moron for not having all this on CD or DVD...GOD. Putz. I was thinking the G drive WAS my backup, but ya know, if you remove stuff from your C and put it there? It's not a backup.
Probably what I'd do. I threw away piles of little floppies lately, probably should have KEPT them.


I feel for you Kate. You know what? I think this is the week of computer gremlins. Since last weekend I have had numerous problems, harddrives crashing, scanner needing to be reloaded, scanner sounding very strange... etc. So - maybe next week will be better... Good luck with all your work, from rehab to portrait to computer stuff.
I can SO relate! I've been having lots of gremlins...my Firefox seems to disappear and leave only Outlook Express, no icon on the task bar or anything...but if I minimize OE, it's there. Same with my PSE icon...disappears until I close out other things. I kept getting error messages with the scanner, too, and programs overlapping eachother! Auuuuuuuuugh....
"it isn't the mountain that wears you out--it's the grain of sand in your shoe..."

"any idiot can survive a crisis. it's the day to day living that wears you down."--anton chekov

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

man, oh man, what a week! i'm wishing there was something i could to to make it better--consider yourself hugged. dangdangdangdang.
i sure hope your computer guy can do some productive fishing for you.

*wanders off, shaking her head...*
Hi sweetie...I think I've dodged the bullet, more or less...my computer guy says the files are ON the G drive, it's just not communicating with the C. So....we'll figure it out. Now if I can just get the phone working again, and my miniature off...
For the spraying, I recommend Nature's Miracle. It's an enzyme cleaner. You can get it at most pet stores, and I've used it with wonderful results for cat pee/spray.

Thanks, Jen, I'll look for it!