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September 2013



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Revenge of the journaling freaks...

Jeri and Jane, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.  This is the same journal that was on top in the May 5 entry.

My friend Jeri, at left here, admired my new sketchbook and said she really wanted to get back to doing some sketching (she does STUNNING handpainted tile mosaics, among other things). I invited her to our sketchcrawl on Saturday, but she balked at the idea, not being in practice...

So I made her a sketch journal and told her to USE it. I remember how daunting it was when Roz Stendahl sent me one of her gorgeous handmade journals, after my surgery. But eventually I filled it and was delighted each time I worked in it, knowing Roz cared. I hope Jeri feels the same way!

I made two new journals for J., one larger and one small...he got them today and was delighted!  But then he's gotten used to the idea that they're meant to be used.... 

Rehab news:  The furnace vents are in the attic where they belong, most of the plaster is shoveled up, along with the blown-in insulation that landed on the floor.  The flooded basement has a brand new sump pump, and tomorrow Mark is coming with a helper and a trailer to get the junk out of there, along with the smelly old carpets, the toilets, the old shower, the rotten metal kitchen cabinets, etc. to clear the decks for new plumbing.

WOW.  I love progress...

The Midwestern storms and floods caused a LOT of us some sleepless nights, and a fair amount of cleanup...here's our version, at the bottom of the House Rescue 101 album... http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717


the drawing is really beautiful. nice idea, to give him the journal to start sketching again.
Thank you! Yes, a handmade journal is a very personal gift and really is meant to say "I love you."