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September 2013



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In case of stupidity...

Finished journals, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

I've been making new journals with watercolor paper and toned paper in them (cream, tan, black in addition to white)...on the top one I tried to put the signatures in while the paper spine was still too fragile from being damp with glue. I shut the book and it ripped!

So I made a reinforcement of two layers of paper, one matching, one blue-gray, and glued them over the spine--actually looks like I MEANT to do that, doesn't it!

I got to test drive it today--it works! Tomorrow I'll scan the portrait of my friend Jeri...


It's not stupidity, nor a mistake. It's an artistic opportunity :)
LOL! Well, it DID turn out a lot better than I imagined--so I'm doing another small journal with the torn paper spine just 'cause I liked how it looked!
They are very good looking books. If I were at home, I would be quite tempted to pull out paper and get into some book binding.
So where are you that you can't do books?

And yes, it is QUITE addictive. I've done 9-10 this week, in various stages...two for my sweetie, two for friends, and a bunch of experiments and replacement journals!
I'm stay with my gentleman friend this weekend, so my supplies are in another county. Although, his daughter did give me carte blanche to use her art supplies....

I may make a book this weekend after all :)
Oooh, I'm envious! I miss my own gentleman friend this weekend. Well, most of the time, actually...

Think what fun it would be to make one for you and one for his daughter!
I just may do that :) I may even see if I can find some green paper, and make a lilly pad shaped book to go with her origami frogs.
Oh, that sounds wonderful!


i love the look of your "accidental" journal! there is a hand bindery at the renaissance festival, and the bindings are always fascinating-but not nearlly as interesting as that accidental look. that's another thing on my list of things to do when i retire--i even thought about taking "care, repair and restoration classes", since i'm such a bibliophile...but i'm afraid i'd be compelled to sit down and read each one before i could repair it, no matter who owns it...

i'm still intrigued by the process of making journals, though...hmmmm..this may require some playtime...what weight paper did you use? the 140 lb coldpress?
Ooops. I see you weren't signed in--this one's different though, so I'm going to answer it!*G*

I'd love to see the renfaire bindery. We've had bookbinders at the occasional historic trade fair, I wish I'd been paying attention at the time!

There are some much quicker methods than I use--I'm fascinated with close to classical ones, but it's not really necessary. Lots of great journals out there that take a lot less time than mine, so GO girl!

Sometimes I use 90 lb. Fabriano hot press, which I really like (the tired portrait, Ginger's House, and Birgitta were on that--check my Flickr album, link at right.) I've used the traditional, but I think I'm falling in love with the "extra white"!

In some of the ones I'm doing now, I'm using 140 lb. CP of various types. Mostly Fabriano, but one Canson Montval that's kind of fun, too. Lumpy!
No deckle, but it feels like a handmade surface. Weird...

I've ordered some actual book board for the backs, but it hasn't come yet and I can't find what I had left, so I'm using the backs of old sketchbooks, WC pads, blocks, etc!
They are absolutely fantastic - what a pleasure they'll be to draw and paint in!
Thanks, girl, yes, they will! I covered one with watercolor canvas, and now I don't know what to do with it--it's so WHITE. If I leave it it will get filthy, but since it's attached to the board with wheat paste, I'm hoping it won't come loose when I paint on it. Duh...it's got my favorite journaling paper in it (Fabriano HP Extra White), so I have to solve this!