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September 2013



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Just a wee tad discouraging...

...I'm probably just tired, but I feel a little like crying.  The house next door IS daunting, but making progress is good.  Except when you take two steps forward and one back.

The neighborhood kids considered it their own personal playground/bus stop, since it was empty, and I got to listen to yelling kids and bouncing basketballs every morning around 8, till the school bus came. 

At first I thought I was hearing the previous owners or their friends trying to break into the house again, with that loud THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.  (The brand new doors ARE damaged, thanks to these people.)  Soooo...got up and looked and saw it was the kid across the street, with his basketball.  Then, it wasn't my problem.

Now it is.  So I've tried to enlist the neighborhood kids who wait for their bus there, told them what we were doing, and that it won't be a drug house any more, and we're fixing it up, etc.  I let them see inside, and asked again for their help.  

One of them didn't get it, and said "well, you have to understand this is OUR bus stop."  No, I don't, because it isn't.  It's Joseph's home.  If it's raining, nobody cares if they're sheltering under the roof, but ya know?  They don't congregate on anyone ELSE'S porch in the neighborhood, making all that noise, and worse...siiiiigh...we're talking about 15 kids, mostly grade school age, except maybe the really big kid with the basketball...

Mark just finished all the trim on the underside of the porch, too--it looked really fresh and nice.  PROGRESS.  And now it has dirty basketball marks on it, a BUNCH of them.  DAMN.  I saw the kid with the bloody basketball this morning, so once again, asked for a favor--please don't bounce the basketball against the house, we just painted and now it's all dirty again...

It breaks the shingles, too--I guess I need to watch for that, too, though there were a bunch already broken and we're going to try to replace them...

Added to my exhaustion, work load, and the darkest-before-the-dawn aspect of how things look over there right now, and I just feel like crying.

I wish J. were here.

Or that I weren't.


it really Is darkest before the dawn. you know that i know of when i speak - it will get easier and easier. *hugs*
I know you do, sweet thing, and how lovely, I was JUST thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were! What a delight to hear from you...


Hi Kate - I'm so sorry things are difficult right now. Maybe by the time you read this they'll be looking up. I know how you feel - we had some drug dealers on our street for a while and the police were no help at all. It's so discouraging to have to play police yourself. I'm sure they'll get the message soon if you're firm. Good luck - Casey
It's really hard to get it through peoples' heads--particularly kids--that this isn't an abandoned house or a playground. Someone CARES about it now, it BELONGS to someone. They don't get on MY porch or trash things, right next door, so why is it OK there?

I'm really wanting to get the outside painted, maybe that will make it feel different enough that they'll get it.

Oh, and drug dealers, yes! We used to have a really bad one here, loud, vile, rude, violent. He'd strut up and down the street with a barely concealed shotgun! He'd yell some really nasty sexual stuff to my dear friend Sonya, across the street. We complained dozens of times, till the guy finally went sort of nuts and the police were chasing him through the neighborhood one night.

What really ticked me is that later we found that they'd cut him no end of slack since he was an informant for them. Oh, lovely, let's endanger the whole bloody neighborhood, kids and all! Not, not happy.

Fortunately he's in jail now, where he belongs.


Oh, sweetie, it made me so sad to read this. I'm quite sure once the house is occupied this problem will go away (can imagine Joseph can be quite fierce under the right conditions ;D.) In the meantime, there's got to be a way to deter the kids. What about posting Private Property, No Trespassing signs? Have you tried talking to any of their parents? What about talking to the police to see if they can recommend a strategy for preventing this behavior---short of legal action, I mean, which you are certainly entitled to, but probably want to avoid at this point.
I'll be thinking of you, dear Kate, as I surface every once in a while over the next couple of weeks. Courage, sweet K.

Better today...mostly...

Hi sweet Xoxa...Oh, I KNOW it will go away once he's here, because the beautiful Sarah barks like a mad thing and sounds like she's going to EAT you. I can't wait!

This is the girl: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/88688051/in/set-72057594068626800/ She's gorgeous, adorable, and wildly territorial and protective!

But oh, yes, Joseph can, too! They're a good pair!

I did make sure the parents heard me ask him not to damage the paint or shingles...not sure if that will be effective, but I hope so. I'll ask J. about the signs...I thought of that, but sometimes THAT is an invitation. He thought about putting in an alarm system, but really doesn't want to keep the electricity on all the time--we turn it off when we're done working...

I did ask the police to sort of keep a eye on the place, but haven't asked for specifics, I should do that, thank you!

I know you're going to be wildly busy, as I am, so know I'm thinking of you too!



One Day at a Time

Remember, Kate, when things get rough, just remember the goal - to have Joseph there - and that day WILL come.


Re: One Day at a Time

Thanks girl...I know it really isn't that far off--just a little over a year. We'll keep busy and it will go fast...



Could the police talk with the child's parents? Since he's been asked not to throw is basketball at the house, he his now committing vandalism.

Re: Discouraging

Well, actually I haven't seen him do it since I asked him not to...I'm keeping an eye on things and hoping there won't be any further damage...