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September 2013



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Raccoon Babies

Raccoon Babies, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Really cute when they're this age! The one in the middle was actually horizontal, lying along Nancy's arm, but the other two ended up taking the remaining vertical space.

Naturally, later in the evening I had to add color! (Again using just the primaries--I don't know what that's so tempting to me!) The one with the bottle was stretched out on Pete's knee, grabbing at that bottle like there was no tomorrow!

Click on the image, if you like, to see the other two sketchbook pages on Flickr...


Awwww... adorable!
If babies WEREN'T adorable, nobody would want to deal with them! WAY too much trouble...*G*
they are like kittens with opposable thumbs...TROUBLE!! but they are so cute that it's hard to resist! they bond to humans so quickly, as do aquirrels--but then, they take that bonding and run with it when they reach adulthood. and they bring all of their clan rodentia habits with them, to add to the "iloveyougivemetreatsandtheniwillbiteyou" mix. (had a friend who hand raised a baby squirrel. sheesh!) i think i will have to fight my nurturing side and stick with kitties and puppies and birds and chickens and guinea pigs and hamsters and snakes and gerbils.....you get the picture. our house seems really empty with only two birds and one cat. i think our all time high (counting chickens) was 23 pets. time to let it go, by attrition. less for hubby to trip over as the gait worsens...
We lived on a farm and you don't even want to KNOW how crazy it got at our house...especially since the rabbits and all turned into pets...

I'm sort of getting used to only having three cats!

And yes, tripping over IS a problem...