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September 2013



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Baby Raccoons!

Awwwwwwww...my beloved vet is a wildlife rehabilitator, and his wife Nancy helps.  They had a family of baby raccoons that were living in the old grade school that was victim of arson a few weeks ago--the mother was killed but the little ones lived through the fire and they took them to Pete to raise. 

Here are two of the tiny things, waiting to be fed...

For years now, he's known that I love to sketch and photograph whatever wildlife is brought in to him--I've had the opportunity to see fawns, rabbits, snakes, owls (screech, great horned and barred owls), opossums, baby bobcats, and raccoons, close enough to touch. 

He thought maybe I had all the 'coon photos I needed, but there are NEVER enough, it's just too much fun!  I was delighted to get the call, and ran out to their country place to watch feeding time.

And HELP, as it turned out, passing babies back and forth between the feeding station and the bathing station, and getting to hold one little fellow as he waiting his turn.  I had a raccoon baby curled up on my shoulder and singing in my ear this afternoon!  Sweet little chirring sounds, and almost like purring...

Pete's got his pockets full of babies!  There are four, in all, plus two baby rabbits...

Tomorrow when I've got the scanner up, I'll see if I can't scan my sketches and tweak the photos so they aren't so dark...we try not to use the flash, and it makes it hard to get a good shot with my old digital...I've got no end of blurred photos, since they move SO MUCH.

I came home and finished one more bookbinding project (three to go), and made cheese spread for my dinner--a nice cheese sandwich was just what I wanted.  Feeling much better...


once again, i'm grateful for some miles between us. i'd have at least half of those babies in my living room, being babied and cared for. there is nothing better than baby animals, whether wild, or human. i can't wait to see some sketches and paintings. i can almost hear that little raccoon song...
I was REALLY tempted to offer to help with the feeding. Oh, right, I have time to drive to the country every day...let's see, shall I take the 6 am feeding, or the 10 pm one??
Too cute!

I've heard that raccoons make ok pets until they hit adulthood (back when you could do that sort of thing). Some of the early airplane pilots (barnstormers) would have them as pets; there was a famous one who had a little pilot's helmet & goggles. Will have to ask K. about that.
My dad had one, and so did my buddy Dennis, remember him from Ft. Fred a few years back? They just get into EVERYTHING. D. said one day while they were both gone, theirs decided it wanted to make a cake. They got home and there was a huge mess--flour, sugar, eggs, and milk ALL over the kitchen. They had to put a lock on the refrigerator!

They already have the goggles, just about.*G*


It's so wonderful seeing someone actually providing loving care to raccoons. So many people think of them as pests and try to exterminate them. I know they can be difficult if they actually get into your house, but I love seeing any kind of wildlife since I live in the city, even pigeons make me happy. I can't wait to see your drawings of these cute little guys.
Hi Jana! I know what you mean...I really love them, though I'll have to admit opening my basement door to find the BIGGEST boar raccoon I'd ever seen in my life prompted me to quietly close the door and decide I didn't need to go down there anyway!
Hi Kate,
I forgot to sign in first when I left the message a second ago and discovered it was posted as anonymous. Sorry about that.
...and now it appears that my original message didn't go through at all so I'll try to start over. It's great seeing that someone is providing loving care to raccoons. People so often see them as pests rather than beautiful creatures. I love seeing any kind of wildlife, especially here in the city. I look forward to seeing your drawings from these cute little critters.
It did, actually, it's just that when people post anonymously it doesn't show up till I respond.*G*