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September 2013



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...and a good thing, too!

This was yesterday...I got in a bit of work next door, just shoveling up some of the plaster chunks and taking off a little more lath, telling myself the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. 

Slow and steady wins the race...

I hope...


hmm..looks like summer in Hong Kong:) You are really working hard.this is sure to be a showplace!
My sweetie does have some great ideas for it! Wish he were here, we check everything by phone, but would be a lot more fun if her were HERE.

Summer in Hong Kong?!?
I dont remember how far away he lives..is he moving there soon??
About half a continent, and just over a year...siiiigh.
heh..and i thought that i've had some long distance relationships:) Of course my husband and i lived on exact opposite coasts and i still lived in Mass. awhile after we got married..aand it's worked out fabulously. I think when you have to write, type or phonecall a majority of your relationship..you really learn to communicate!

Of course i'd hate to ever do that again..but i tell people it's no different than Elizabeth Barrett Browning's courtship by letter.And a friend just had sort of an arranged marriage with someone from Laos..and he actually saw her for more time when he visited than Gary and i saw each other before we got married:)
Oooh, I love that story! Well, I mean yours specifically, but your friend's is amazing, too.*g* And you're right about the communication...without body language and facial expression, you make REALLY sure you use the words you meant to, and that you're understanding clearly the other's words.

Sometimes we have to go back and clarify a bit, but one of his favorite concepts is that we don't argue, we just keep explaining.*GG*
heh..really..saves money on therapy:)
I never thought of it that way! Thanks!*G*
ugh! Kate, I SO feel for you. Taking down lath and plaster is my LEAST favourite job of renovating. I can still feel the dryness of all that lime on my skin. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! (and if you have acidic soil the plaster helps a lot!)
I'm not TOO crazy about that myself! Thought I might be, but omigod what a mess. Makes your hair feel like cement, so I try to coordinate plaster work with when my hair needs washing anyway.*G*

And yes, MOISTURIZE!!!

But I live on the bottom of an inland sea, knee deep in little sea-creature bodies otherwise known as limestone. We definitely don't have acid soil or soft water!
As I read how you're working hard on the house what I think of is how all those years of pent up frustration w/ the less than desirable neighbors has found an outlet. Talk about motivation! >g

Take care, Dee

That's exactly how I feel about it Dee! It feels really good...
Yup, slow & steady... Trying to pace myself here, too.

We got two more garden beds turned over & planted last night (cabbages & string beans). So I need to weed the paths & the two big beds, and completely overhaul the overgrown big bed on the side of the house. That last one I'm not looking forward to!
Ouch, that's a lot of work, after work!
Got the bed on the side of the yard nearly dealt with -- I'd gone out with weedkiller the other day and sprayed down much of the bed, trying to miss what few perennials had survived there. Yesterday I went to survey the damage, and the weedkiller had actually worked! So I pulled up all the dead weeds, and put gravel on the "path" through the middle of the bed (after rearranging some rocks to make a border to keep it in). Now I need to put down mulch and plant a few new plants, and (the hard part) keep after it. Was SOOO sore yesterday -- I think I shifted about 5 wheelbarrowloads of gravel, which isn't much, but still more than I'm used to.