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September 2013



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Da blues...

...J. is on the road, and not much chance to talk today, Mark's through with the house for a while, he goes off to work for other people for a bit, and Nomes and John couldn't make it tonight.  No other volunteers lined up, either!  I'm feeling at loose ends, tired, frustrated, and blue...of course last night's lack of sleep didn't help, nor did the fact that my bookbinding projects all went kind of  wonky today. 

Whinge, whinge, I know...I have good friends and students with REAL problems, so I'll just shut up now, why don't I?

I wish I had a big old hamburger with cheese and bacon, and a chocolate malt.  Comfort food, give me comfort food!

New photos in the House Rescue album, anyway...http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717

And I decided to indulge myself--went to Sonic, got a bacon cheeseburger...*g*

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I'm so sorry, sweet Kate. I think the fact you're completely overextended energy-wise is contributing to your blues. Wish I were there to make a grilled cheese sandwich for you and give you a nice, glass of good rosé to give you comfort and a promise of summer.
Take care, my buddy.
Hi sweetness! I'm trying to be positive and knowing that I really needed more rest so the inactivity is all right. SO bloody tired...I really didn't need that stupid cheeseburger, esp. since I really got indulgent and ordered onion rings with it--they were SO bad I threw over half of them out. Should have thrown them ALL out...tasted like the batter was SWEET, and there's a kind of bitter aftertaste. Ugh. Not enough salt and ketchup in the world to fix that...

Wish I'd remembered Ventana's was open, it being Tuesday, not Monday. They actually have GOOD food...when you come, maybe we'll go there!

The two journals I've gotten done really look OK once they're weighted down and dry. Nowhere near perfect, but not ghastly...and more importantly they will WORK.

Thank you for your sweet, kind heart, girlfriend...I'll take that rosé, thank you!
G. tells me that I tend to push myself so hard that I break, & have to spend a few days recuperating. Sounds like you're doing the same (big surprise). Pace yourself, hon! & don't feel too guilty about the comfort food.
I think G.'s right on the money! I know I've been doing too much and pushing too hard...yesterday I felt a lot better. Waiting for the coffee to kick in this morning, really tired again, siiiigh...

I don't think I would have felt nearly as guilty if it had been GOOD.*G* The onion rings were lousy, the hamburger was barely adequate, and even the limeade, usually wonderful there, was eh. I hate throwing food away, but ended up doing so--more than half the onion rings and even half the limeade! Peeled off as much of the bun as I could to get at what flavor there was, on the burger...ptuie!