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September 2013



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originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

So THIS is why the adorable [info]postorgasmicboy was worried about me...I look like caca!


I normally wear glasses but kept getting too much lens flare when trying to take the photo, so REALLY showed off my, um, patina as [info]kateslover and I like to call it... *GGG*

That LONG line just above the bridge of my nose, however, we call a cat hair on the scanner...siiiigh.  I am NOT going to rescan this thing!  Oliver le Chat was helping me paint when I was doing the mouth, too...ooops...my lower lip is fuller.

Oh well, knowing me I'll probably tweak it tomorrow when I've had a bit more rest...
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Animal hair in the art always makes it better. (Of course I'm not saying that just because I have a long-haired dog.)
I've always said it wasn't an authentic Kate Johnson unless there was a hair or a footprint in it--it's my seal of authenticity!
this drawing is beautiful!
Well thank you! It was fun to do, anyway...
Thank you! (Kinda funky if you ask me...*G*)
well..tothose of us who don't draw very much..brilliant:)
LOL! Well thank you again, then!


Yes, your lower lip is fuller, but the way you've painted your skin is magnificent---such light, such subtlety! You've made a beautiful painting, whether or not it's a perfect likeness. Really, really well done, you wizard, you.
Thank you, sweet thing! I actually was using (shhhhh!!) the old Niji waterbrushes, and trying hard to keep it clean and fresh. I'd be fairly happy with it if it weren't supposed to be me.*G* (Upper lip isn't long enough either, but who's looking?!*G*)

XO to Xoxa!


Niji Water Brushes??!!

Okay, I was impressed before, but you did that with water brushes???!!! Now, that's awesome! Those brushes truly challenge me, so I have to ask, how did you get that wonderful grey?? What colors did you use?

Whether it's a perfect likeness or not, it is a great piece of work!


p.s. and cat hair makes anything better!! :)

Re: Niji Water Brushes??!!

They challenge me, too, so I had to figure out how to make them work better for me! In this case I squeezed some of the water out into an unused well of my pallette to rinse with before starting to paint, and then cleaned the hairs frequently on a paper towel as I went along.

The gray was mostly ultramarine with just a kiss of red and yellow...this was all done with the primary colors, nothing else...


I must remember 'patina' - that's a much nicer term!
Thanks for the comment about my blog in the botanical art group.

I like "patina," a lot! You're welcome to borrow it, Katherine.*G*

And you're very welcome for the comment, I send people to your blog frequently, and was delighted to see you on the Botanical Arts group.

I love how you use colored pencils, and your travel sketches are just enchanting...