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September 2013



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Apparently I've been pushing it a bit hard...

Birgitta, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Apparently I've been pushing it a bit hard....

...at least four people have asked me if I was OK, or if I'd been sick, or if I've recuperated from last year's surgery all right, or if I'm going too hard lately, including my dear friend [info]postorgasmicboy, whom I saw last weekend...

It was good to take a little time off yesterday and not do anything more exhausting than try to sketch Birgitta!

Even my handyman, Mark, an old friend, told me this morning that he worried about me all weekend, working while I was in so much pain. I had TOLD him I was used to it. I'm usually in pain to one degree or another, if I didn't work through it (or in spite of it) I'd get nothing done at all...that's the reality of arthritis, innit??

And apparently I looked like cat barf at the opening on Friday night, judging from the reactions...*GG* I figured as much, because kateslover asked me to get photos of myself in the beautiful dress he bought me, and almost all of 'em were too sorry to even send him! ERK. Face all scrinched up, eyebrows looking all worried, and I wasn't even aware of it--I thought I was smiling happily!

The weekend was fairly screwy, with a variety of missed communications, and nowhere near as much relaxing downtime/painting time as I had planned...it was so nice and sunny out that people came out of the WOODWORK.  I tried three of my favorite parks and they were ALL wall to wall people.  I came home, had my burger on the back porch, and didn't do any more than adding color to Birgitta!

Yep, I'm tired. And I HAD been hurting more than usual, big shock. Switched back to Naprosen and I think it's helped. I took it a little bit easier yesterday, too, no work on the house at any rate, and probably none today either since Mark forgot the empty buckets for the rest of the plaster (thank you MARK!!!!*G*)

Today I think I'll do a bit of organizing on the book project I'm involved with, and try to get some of the signatures sewn for my newest handmade journal. Sounds delightfully NON-exhausting!


Doesn't real downtime sound GREAT??? I want a vacation! I'd like to check into some little cabin in the Ozarks and do absolutely nothing for about 4 days. Get up, have coffee, read, watch the lake, sketch, eat, nap, watch the lake, sketch, go to bed...

And yes, I was delighted with my baby fix yesterday! For someone who's never had any of her own, I sure do loves da babies...
You need the off time. I'm still a little worried about you, you looked very off color last weekend. I'll be done with this three day a week rehearsal schedule soon and I'll try to get up there to help with some things if you need me, but I want you to take care of yourself.

Get more rest and be careful with your knees, please. : )
Yes, dad.*G*

Off color??! When have I ever been anything but either pale or sunburned??*GG*

And thank you, sweetie...
Last weekend you were your usual pale with shades of dead! Course that could have been staying up till 2:30 babysitting the drunkards. : )

I'm just sayin'. I guess someone needs to worry over ya till J gets here full time. : )

Take care and wish me luck. I'll be up in Lawson tonight trying to make sense of an awful noise. ; )
Coulda been! I was thinking the "off color" was more likely to have been my jokes...*G*

You're such a sweetie!

And I know it'll sound great--that IS what rehearsals are for...


Oh my goodness. You have done such a good job with this baby. She should go on a Gerber jar. I especially like the side view. The way you've applied the watercolor is just flawless.

Thank you, Suzanne, she IS a little doll!


These are just so beautiful, Kate! I really hope you're feeling better - might be a good idea to take a day or two off. your house renovation is really coming along fast - you need to take care of yourself too. Casey
Thanks, Casey...I've not done much on the house since Saturday, other than take photos. It feels weird!

I do feel better, though...really glad Mark suggested Naprosen for the arthritis. I went back to that and don't hurt nearly as much! I had a prescription when I first messed up my knee, but it hurt SO much at the time I couldn't tell if anything helped--now, it obviously does, so I'll keep taking it for a while.