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September 2013



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Dead tulip, in my journal

I know I was supposed to be finishing up an illustration for my book--a drawing of paper?! No, not ON paper, OF paper. I'm having a bit of trouble with this one, so I was practicing avoidance techniques...the tulip was too cool, and I had a little space left in my last handmade journal. It sprouted...

Click on the image above if you'd like to see some of the earlier steps, as well as the Actual Tulip...a day deader than it was when I painted this.  "What a difference a day makes," as the old song says!

Meanwhile rehab continues more or less apace...while pacing myself!  (I realized I was tired when I tried to use the wrong end of the crowbar to pop off the lath...)

You can tell I'm not tall enough!  And of course the windows are BIG...

Some of the buckets of plaster I shoveled up, too...

And our column colonization...woodpeckers, tra la...

Here's the really good news...we WILL have a second spring, as I suspected...backup leafage!  The brown ones are the ones that didn't survive our return of winter, and the new little green one just popped out.  My bleeding heart has sent up new green, too, I wonder if there will be more flowers?  Lovely...



Kate, I love your "very dead tulip" - the colors are beautiful.I'm a sucker for all the dark, heavy, velvety, jewel colors. I had the exact same dead tulip in a tiny vase today and I couldn't understand where this iris came from...it looks just like an iris to me, the colors, everything!
Thank you, Ronell! I love those colors too...soooo challenging to keep them lively but rich.

I enjoyed your new painting, by the way!


Short list

I think if you made a list of the things you CAN'T do, it would be a very short list. I'm really enjoying reading about your rehab. (um, house rehab, that is.)


Re: Short list

LOL!! Well, I've been in rehab before, but it was for my knee.*G*

Consequently there are a LOT of things I can't do. Long walks, fast dancing, mountain climbing, bicyling, and I'd ticked off about it, too! The long walks part anyway...used to love that!

Seriously, there are plenty of things I can't do, Pablo!


Things are happening in your world! I'm happy to see signs of your recovered spring--it was disheartening here, too, to see so much new growth blasted and shriveled. Our spring is going strong now, though, and I know yours will be, too.
Good luck, Sweet Can Do Kate, on the next phase of your rehab project!
Hi, sweet Xoxa--yes, our redbuds became BROWNbuds overnight...they were so pretty...It did look pretty grim for a bit, but I was sure there was a backup plan...

And thank you for the good wishes on the rehab! I'll be needing rehab myself at this rate.*G*

XO from here, too...
You weren't kidding about the woodpeckers!! Sheesh - maybe we need to be on the lookout for more than one salvaged pillar...
You may not be kidding! But it's not rot, so we can actually just fill and paint over, at this point...
Such gorgeous, rich colours in your tulip. I'm not wild about tulips but if this is how pretty they are when dead, I might just have to acquire some and wait!