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September 2013



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Whew, a bit more progress today...

...between VERY strange storms!  We had a complete frog-strangler this afternoon, as my dad would have called it, a regular white-out, then a bit of hail.  No severe weather forcasted, no tornado watches like yesterday, so I wasn't all that nervous, but then the rain slowed and we started having the strangest thunder!  Very rolling and metallic-sounding, as if someone really WAS rattling large sheets of tin roof overhead, as they used to to make sound effects for movies.

Lots and lots of odd, metallic-sounding thunder in an almost white sky, for maybe 15-20 minutes, and NO lightning.  Very very strange...J. says he's seen that before, but this was a first for me!  My friend Dennis says the air may have been so saturated with moisture that the charge didn't need to ground itself...and J. said the clouds were probably bouncing off eachother up there, so maybe that explains it. 

I always thought you had lightning, then thunder, period.

But somehow we managed to get more of the caulking done and trim primed (Mark) and I got a fair bit of the lath off in the living room (you can tell EXACTLY how short I am, since kateslover made me promise not to bring a ladder over.  He's afraid I'll fall off...) and NINE five-gallon buckets of old plaster shoveled up.  I was filthy...glad I was wearing the darn mask and heavy gloves!!

I didn't let Naomi and John come up last night--they were indeed expecting tornadic activity, and got it, all around us (23 tornadoes yesterday?), and I didn't want them on the road if the weather got bad.  They'll be here tomorrow or Friday instead...

And as soon as I get the new camera or more sunlight, I'll take more pictures!

By the way, Mark tells me lots of people go by and honk and wave at him as he works...guess they are ALL glad we're doing House Rescue! 

Or he's really really popular..*GG*


hope you and both of your roofs are fine! i suggest a rope from one ankle to a cement block if you venture outside to paint or sketch...
Good idea. There are a couple of nice big blocks right out by the porch...