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September 2013



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Feline Synchronicity--Rags in Sun

Rags in Sun, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Awwwwwwwwww...this painting came up in my slide show screen saver while Rags was lying on top of the monitor. Looked like she was posing again!  I wish i had my new camera, that would have made a picture...the Kodak's not up to it, now.

There are notes on how I did this one on the Flicker page, just click on the image above and that will get you there...

We have a tornado watch tonight, so I told Naomi and John to wait till later in the week to come work on the rehab.  I don't want them out on the road if things get iffy--which they probably won't!  I'm sitting on the front porch painting, listening to the soft rumbles.

OK right NOW I'm sitting at the computer, but it isn't even rumbling enough to make me want to turn it off.


one of my favorite things is our cat, lying in the sun. his black coat subtly dapples with darkest brown, and his white whiskers glow. his fur smells exactly as a cat should. and now that he is approaching old, he will drool as he sleeps, and make funny slurping noises when he's rudely awakened for fur sniffing...

rags is so pretty in that sunlight. i really love her shadow in the curtains. she had to have been purring.
Awwwww...he sounds wonderful. And yes, I love cat fur smell, too. Scoutie used to want me to pick her up--she'd throw back her front paws and I was supposed to kiss her tummy. She smelled SO good.

That's one of her favorite perches, she's GREAT at basking.


This is absolutely my favorite of yours. Is it for sale?

Oh yeah...heya, hiya, whoo-hoo!! :)

Re: !!!

Hi girl! Been thinking about you, checked your blog not long ago but not much aftermove stuff. I hope you're well and happy!

And yes, it is, if I could just remember where I put the silly thing!


Love, love, love cats! And this one is done so beautifully! I appreciated being able to click on to the rectangles to get the explanations of what you did, too. Thanks for taking the time to do that for us.
Always, Rita (soulcomfort)
Hi Rita, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Flickr's great for that, isn't it?


This is just beautiful! I love her translucent pink ears and the cool glowing light.
Thank you! It was definitely the ears that caught my attention, then the shadows on the curtains...I love my huge windows in the living room!


This is a beautiful painting...that is just how majestical they look when they look down on you from their contentment...
Thank you, Ronell, that's the perfect way to put that! They do have a wonderful dignity at times like that, and they KNOW how beautiful they are.


Thank you! (He's a she, though.*G*)


Where am I?? I left a long comment here the other day, but it has got lost in the cyberether! This is brilliant, just sublime use of watercolor, sweet Kate. I love and admire every single thing about it, but that curtain is particularly stupendous---that white, those blues, those grays, those... .
You a genius.
Hi sweet! Are you sure it wasn't on my Flickr album? I saw the one there, and thank you!!! I don't feel a bit like a genius, but that was serendipity, somewhat!