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September 2013



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Fabulous Rehabulous...I LOVE progress!

Hooray, Mark came today while I was HERE, and I got to take pictures of the scraping and priming!  He says he may have a 5-gallon bucket of blue-gray paint we can have...I hope so!  That color would look lovely next to my yellow...and with the white trim.

I also got the rest of the padding that was stuck to the LR floor, got the dumb little entry lino up, tested lath removal (ew), bagged up more carpet padding (REALLY ew), and more scraps, and dragged the trash out to the curb--trash day tomorrow!

Naomi and John are coming tomorrow night again, if all goes well, so we should make lovely progress again...

A few more photos at the bottom here, for those who are following the saga...http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717

Of course this evening required drugs, an ice pack and early to bed...



Oh my word! I just looked at the whole slideshow--you and J are brave people!! What a huge project to rescue that poor, abused house. That furnace!!! Those kicked-in walls and doors! Those unuspeakable carpets! Now, of course, I worry in retrospect about you having lived next door to shady shenanigans for as long as you did, but those days are over! It's so inspiring to see what you and your fellow rescuers are doing, sweet Can Do Kate. I take my hat off to you, or would if I had one on. It's 5:36am here and I'm in my pjs, sans chapeau.
Hi sweet Xoxa! Well, no need to worry any longer, and WHAT a relief. Do I have a wonderful knight, or what?! The house isn't the only thing rescued around here! Yes, there was a lot of nastiness and violence, but it was all directed at eachother or their "friends". I tried very hard to remain as good a neighbor as I could, smiling and friendly. Treated them like humans.

The youngest boy still had a real sweetness about him, so that wasn't hard, though the police told me not to be fooled by that, I guess they'd had to deal with him too.

They treated me well enough, too, except of course for throwing their garbage in my yard, being loud at 2 am (or any time) and shining lights into my bedroom right opposite their dining room.

One of the last times they all lived there, one of the young mothers ran away to my house, with her baby, begging me to use the phone, and NOT to let her boyfriend/husband in the house, he was violent and had been hitting her. NO PROBLEM, not about to. And the silly bint went BACK to him. Jeez.

I told the police, one of the many times they were here, that someone was going to get killed over there. They said "we know. But there's nothing we can do unless someone files a complaint." I asked if I could, to prevent mayhem, but no. Had to be one of the participants.

THAT was scary, waiting for someone to die. I am so painfully glad they're gone.

There was such a lot of tragedy related to those people--the youngest really didn't have a chance for any kind of normal decent life, but I pray for him just the same. The eldest, in a drunken rage, caused a neighbor to be crippled for life--I just found that out a few weeks ago. Made me cry. God, what an awful situation. Hence my treating them decently...and keeping a pistol in the drawer by the front door. I would have HATED to have had to use it, but I think I could have.

So yes, reclaiming and rescuing the house really IS a kind of soul work. It feels good. It's redemption for all those sleepless nights and anxiety and anger. All thanks to my love.

I'm looking forward to Naomi and John coming again tonight--the last of the wretched carpet will be out the back door at that point! It's in a pile on the floor at present, but gone soon...

Now for the used toilets. Yes, I mean used. Auuuuugh...
just reading your posts tires me out...whew! it's looking good, tho--MUCH progress! i love the process of "undressing" a house, and seeing what lies under the layers--we had paint ranging from high loss burnt ornage (in the kitchen) to the '40's green-and-black combo. but ours is just a baby compared to yours! you have so much more mystery to uncover!
The layers of wallpaper are fun! I'm documenting those as best I can--hope the new camera comes SOON. There are layers of linoleum in that back room, too--I haven't photographed the one under the "moderne" one yet.

Ooooh, burnt orange, I remember it well! I don't think I ever painted anything that color, but I have definitely done some wild ones. Our first apartment I painted the walls of the bathroom with navy blue and dark green gloss paint and called it the Crown Jewel Room. Ah, kids...
our friends painted their bedroom lime green, with navy trim, back in the 70's. i used to wonder how they slept in all that brightness! as much as i love color, i love the way pastels open up our smallish spaces. i think it's probably more in keeping with the late 40's era of the house, too. the immediate post war years were all about light colors, and chasing the darkness away, after those years of conflict. the house likes an airy feel. even the drapes in the living room are white, with a weave of shadows and shapes of trees in them, also in white. when they are closed, they are still "open". it was a real improvement over celery green with parakeet-poop stained khaki sheers...
Oh, I remember lime and navy--BIG colors! Celery green and parakeet-poop khaki, yummy...

I've decided that lighter colors are really lovely, too--I like lots of light! I've had some really dark rooms in my time--the bedroom used to be navy calico wallpaper, with tiny stylized red and gold calico-ish print. Very pleasant for a BR, like a den, but I like my yellow walls and red-checked stenciling, now. (Black cat outlines in some of the yellow squares, my own cats of course. Fun...)


Wow, that's quit a job! I feel as though I've just watched a whole season of 'This Old House'. Glad you've had some help - it really
looks like the work is going
swimmingly. Those are some wild wall papers and linoleum!
Thanks, Casey, I used to watch that show all the time, wish I remembered more of the nice practical hints!

I am DELIGHTED for the help! It's wonderful...