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September 2013



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Home again, home again, jiggety jig...

I was at a reenactment event this weekend (more on that in a bit!), from Friday morning till late Saturday afternoon anyway...it's still going on today, but I needed to get HOME. 

After waiting for our handyman to have a break in his schedule for almost three weeks, he called me the night before the event to tell me he was going to start on Friday!  NOOooooooooooooo!!  I SO wanted to be there! 

I did wait for him to come on Friday morning so we could talk about the details--he was starting with the power washer on the trim, getting it ready to paint, and I had questions about the work we've been doing indoors, too, so I at least got to SEE him.  (He advises removing the lathe, on the outside walls anyway so we can use the easiest form of insulation, after someone else just advised me to leave it.  Siiiigh...lots more work.)

I couldn't wait to see what he'd gotten done...paint chips all around the house like a very selective snow, and lots of bare wood waiting to be painted!  But...he'd agreed to take off the storm windows first, and they're all still up, sooooo??? 

I SO wanted to be here...then I'd KNOW why they're still on the windows...

That's my old, old friend Barbara Duffy, above...it was so good to see her and her husband Denny, and get to sit with them while they played and catch up on our lives...they're both retired now, Denny's a cancer survivor, Barb has a new part time 35-hour-a-week job that doesn't quite seem as part time as she was hoping!  They looked, and sounded, wonderful.

Ten years ago this month, when Harris died, they packed up their instruments and came to see me at the cabin, and made music for me all one long golden afternoon--one of the loveliest things anyone did for me in those dark days.  We had had a renewal of vows the October before, and asked everyone to send or bring a rock to put in our circle of stones out by the creek, where we stood for the event...they hadn't been able to come, but when they brought me the music, that April ten years ago, they brought me a stone, as well.

The photo is from our handfasting/renewal of vows, with our reenacting buddies in the background.  The fellow on the left you may know as postorgasmicboy, here on LJ--he dresses differently now.  I got to see him this weekend, too--it was wonderful!  (I ran out of time to make anything new to wear for the renewal of vows after hand-sewing my linen shift, so made do with a long tabard of wool of no particular period. < ;-)   Hey, you do what you have to!)

I guess the point of these events for me, now, is seeing my friends--Todd and Becky were out for the first overnight in a long time, and it was wonderful to sit next to her with her wonderful voice and sing.  It was good to see my old friend Mike out playing after his long illness, Troy and Dobby were wonderful as always, and the Trekkers were kind and receptive.

The Duffys and I had seen eachother a few times since that April, but much more often missed--they'd have a job at another event, or something would come up and I wouldn't be able to go to one I'd planned, only to find they'd been there, or sliding on black ice convinced me to turn around and go home...so this weekend it was like old times! 

When I first got into reenacting, I drew them every chance I got--it gave me the excuse to sit close to the music and delight!  I'm sure we've all changed a lot--but I felt 15 years younger sitting there drawing them again...

I planned to add some watercolor, but time was passing and after only 2-3 hours of sleep, I was fading fast...below you can see Denny, on the right, and two views of their friend Carroll, who played a wonderful variety of instruments, as does Barb...

Carroll, both of those on the left, is a judge and a wealth of information as well--he knows bookbinding and gave me some great advice and contacts for my next journal-binding experiment, upcoming shortly. 

I had been asked to speak on creating a persona for the Coalition of Historical Trekkers' annual gathering (I wrote and published a little book called Who Was I?; Creating a Living History Persona, at right on top of the stack, below,  which has done well among reenactors, interpretors and docents as well as at historic sites), so after dealing with my usual stage fright, I had done that, then that evening ran a tavern with my oldest and best reenacting friend, Ed Wilde of Wilde Weavery until the last dog finally dragged off home at 2:30 am.  I put my bedroll on the floor by the hearth and was out light a light in minutes!  (Then woke up every half hour or so, siiiigh...I may be getting a tad long in the tooth for this hobby...)

The event was at Fort Osage National Historic Site, where I've gone to play since 1988...we got a tour of the new visitors' center, due to open Memorial Day.  Quite an amazing place, using geothermal heat and other ecologically sound self-sustaining methods...

Dear old Ed did most of the work this time...(I'm sure he'd be glad to tell you he usually does! *GG*)  I normally make the hot buttered rum, but I'd sort of gotten trapped between two bodies packed onto an oak bench, and couldn't get out...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it... ;-)

So we played farkle and laughed and sang and passed the bowl around, and generally had a marvelous if exhausting time. 

I missed kateslover terribly though--got many, many congratulatory hugs and best wishes and questions...he would have loved the music and the ambience.