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September 2013



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Been there, done that...

As in it's great to have friends who HAVE. 

Funny, lots of us have rehabbed old buildings now, though my house has been done over a period of 30 years while living in it--an entirely different kettle of fish, I assure you!  (Feature having to move all the furniture from one side of the house to the other, then crawling over it while you work on the empty side, then lather, rinse, repeat...)

Anyway, more recent rehabbers know who has the best deals of dumpsters, how to organize dumpster parties, where the cheapest building supplies are, who does the most reliable work--I'm getting lots of advice and offers of help.

The guy down the street came to look at the broken chest of drawers last night--I thought maybe he'd like it to fix up and sell, since he does a lot of that.  He didn't, but offered to take it to the trash for me.  I didn't realize that meant just out by the curb.  Erk...

But maybe 20 minutes later another neighbor came over and asked if it could be fixed--I told him I thought it just needed gluing, and he asked it he could have it!  YES.  So there it went, off in his truck, hooray!

Meanwhile HE offered to come help and offered advice as well--I took him through the house so he could see what we were doing.  I think the whole neighborhood is delighted the old place is getting a new lease on life!

Wish someone would want that horribly stained and stinky carpet, but I think that's dumpster fodder!

I'm so anxious to see ONE part of this thing finished.  I know, it's only been less than three weeks, but...


It's so much fun reading about your renovations (as opposed to doing the actual work!). It brings back lots of memories of living in a house during remodeling (can definitely relate to moving funiture to another room while work is being done (and at one point to the backyard), sheetrocking, taping, mudding one room at a time while having to clean the sanded dust from everywhere in the house after each room, being able to see through to the outside while using the bathroom, contractors walking off the job leaving a wall open, spilling a whole can of paint on the new hardwood floor, painting a room late at night only to find I'd used flat paint on half the wall and semi-gloss on the other half in the dim light. I could go on and on but this is your blog not mine!!!! Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're getting plenty of help and support. Good luck with the stinky carpet!
HI Jana! Oddly, I enjoy the work, or at least making physical progress MYSELF. It really IS a kind of soul work, as someone said. After years of living next door to chaos, to cleanse and even exorcise it feels wonderful!

Bringing the place back from the brink feels great!

It's kinda nice to be able to just work on the whole thing at once, yep...

I heard quite the horror story from an old friend over the weekend...his handyman just disappeared from the job about 8 months ago and never showed up again. Fell back in the bottle, I guess...left his tools, even!

I had that happen once, too, come to think of it--I'd forgotten, happily. I finally gave his tools (mostly junk) to our local thrift, after a year of trying to get him to pick them up AND FINISH THE JOB. I'd listened to his (and his young weeping wife's) sob story and advanced him money for the rest of the job. STUPID. Don't do that...

I'll be glad to get that last hunk of carpet dragged out of the house!