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September 2013



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My two favorite new progress photos...

This is looking toward the front doors, all open and spacious since John took out the rest of the old framing and restored the door opening to its original dimensions...

And this is the kitchen with the carpet all up, thanks to Naomi!

Found some wonderfully nostalgic linoleum under the carpet in the back room, too...I KNOW I've lived with something like it, somewhere...I just can't remember where.  Very Retro...

I went back over today when I'd have some daylight, since the Kodak is croaking, and got some that actually look other than the color of espresso coffee, as you can see...they still had to be tweaked fairly aggressively in Photoshop, but they're at least visible.  GOTTA get a new camera, thank goodness this one lasted through the North Light book project!

Anyway--the rest of the new photos up on the Yahoo House Rescue album, and remembered to make them Public this time, siiiiigh...




two front doors

Are you going to keep the two front doors or close one of them with a wall?
I like that woodwork in your kitchen. Are you going to keep it?


Re: two front doors

Himself wants to close one of the doors off--I like the look, so I have kept both of them on my house even though you can't get IN one of 'em, it's blocked with my studio furniture. It was fairly common design in the neighborhood, because they were originally two-family houses of only two rooms each. (Or boarding for those who were staying here for treatment at the spa, perhaps.) When you drive around the neighborhood, you can see about half of them still have two doors and half have opted for one.

And yes, I love the kitchen woodwork, it's definitely going to stay! That little storage cabinet is CUTE.
I wanna nudder window!
I'll admit I've wondered why mine has SO many more windows than yours, being the same design, basically. My LR has those three big south-facing ones, the DR next to it has double windows, and the BR has two, as well. Each of those places, your house has a single window. What up wid dat??
Ah dunno. I'm hoping we can find a salvage place that has similar windows so I can put one where the second front door is.
I imagine we can, sweet. That's the slanted door, though...might want to just make a short wall there and put a pair of skinny windows on either side of the big one that's there...