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September 2013



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The cavalry is AMAZING.

It does make a huge difference when you're not working alone.  WOW. 

Naomi and John and I got the rest of the paneling down in the Rose Room and the dining room and got it broken up and either bagged or piled, John knocked out what was left of that door framing between the two front rooms, Naomi got most of the soft plaster off the DR wall on the north, they got the industrial  carpeting up in the kitchen and dining room and I got the regular wall to wall and padding up in the back room!  Three more huge bags of trash, plus most of the smelly carpet dragged out onto the back porch.

John knocks out the last of the wall framing so the original door between the rooms is open again, hooray!

John checked the basement and plumbing (mostly needs replacing, lots of duct tape plumbing, siiiigh), plus he looked over the "new" hot water heater Bill said was down there.  As noted, I didn't think it looked that new when I took the picture the other day. 

John said it's 1988.  If I weren't so used to that little weasel lying to me, and if I weren't so TIRED, I'd be really mad.  But oh well.

Oh, and sweetie?  John said the bathroom measures 4 x a little over 7 feet.  Tiny tub...

We didn't get the whole house measured yet...

My camera's about given up the ghost entirely--I only got two mostly tweakable shots, though still dark--but Naomi took some photos with her cell phone; she'll send them tomorrow. 

Mine are on the House Rescue album, here: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717

Those two are amazing, wonderful young people.  Love 'em, both.  God it is great to have friends.

Earlier today I got the rest of the manuscript re-read and edited, found all the mistakes I HOPE, finished the art, reshooting what needed to be plus four new pieces, made the CD and got it off 15 minutes before the postoffice closed.  Whew.

Then a nice long hot shower and ready to fold, I think...


Hey at seven feet your bathroom is heeYOUge! ;) Actually our's measures just over four feet and we ended up with a teenytiny bath that we use mainly as a shower. It used to have one of those showerstalls but the bath gives so much more room and we have, on occasion, used it for a tub. You might want to consider one of those walk-in/chair-type tubs that I see advertised. You could still have an overhead shower but be able to soak too. Worth a look! Keep up with your renovation sagas, Kate. I'm living vicariously. Yes. I *am* a sick and addicted renovator!

Hi Jen! I'd not heard of that kind of tub, maybe that's what kateslover was talking about, it sounds great!

I think it's always fun to watch other people work.*G* Fun to see a rescue, too...several of my friends have rehabbed their houses or businesses, and most of them have kept a photo album. It's wonderful to look at!
Wow...amazing! Thanks again, Jen!
yup--i want one of those tubs. i've thought about bullying hubby into putting one in the basement to replace the shower he tore out. i'd like to soak, on occasion, without ripping my knees out of joint trying to get out of the tub.

i'm so glad your troops got there-- it makes such a difference, just having a cheering section. useful hands just makes it more savory!

looks like wonderful progress. the whole place is, indeed, looking more content, even if it is ripped up. it likes being cared about!
I have trouble getting out of the tub, too...good thing I've got good upper body strength! My knees really don't cooperate...

I believe the space is feeling pretty good about itself...fresh air, positive changes, people who care...Naomi LOVED doing it, and was so enthusiastic. what a doll...