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September 2013



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House work...

...haven't gotten a LOT done the last few days because of the art crawl, concert, sketchcrawl, and manuscript, but I did get most of the dining room paneling off.  (Today I finished the next to last runthrough on the manuscript, pus three last pieces of art and the CD of all the replacement art, plus checking to see what didn't get used so I can cadge it for a tutorial!

As noted, my Kodak is in the process of dying, and apparently so is the old Olympus...I thought I could shoot some with it, but no flash, no options, no preview screen.  Nuts...the Chamber of Secrets here, with the "new" hot water heater, is the last flash photo the Kodak would take.  Maybe it's just as well...

I got most of the paneling off the dining room walls over the weekend and some of the trash bagged up, but I think it's catching up with me--I'm WIPED.   Manuscript has to go out tomorrow, taxes went today, got the trash out to the curb, and now I just want to curl up with a drink and a book...

You can see the pile of paneling on the floor, though...

As always, more new photos on the Yahoo House Rescue album at http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717#page1

I hadn't realized the last batch weren't public, so it looks like I've done more than I have!  I fixed them all at once...USED to be when you put new photos in a Yahoo album they went in however you had that album set--private, public, friends only.  Now you have to set it up as a "Smart Album" when you start it, I guess.  Nuts...

Anyway, it's spring again, we didn't get the snow they expected over the weekend, and it feels wonderful...last night I sat out on the deck with a fire in the chiminea.  That sounds lovely again now, but I don't think I have the energy to make a fire!  Howsa bout a heating pad, drugs, and a candle...


you are a crazy lady! if you keep working like this, you'd better be sure to add a sauna to the chamber of secrets, just so you'll be able to move around!

stoke up that water heater, and keep on floatin'!
OOooh, that DOES sound good. Yum...

Right now I'm deep into the last stages of the book manuscript, though.*G* Saving rehab till this evening when Naomi and John come!
YAY!!! for friends--especially those with younger musculatures! what a treat, to have such good ones nearby. and kudos to them, for helping out. friends do grease the gears of life, don't they??
Yay indeed! I'm always delighted to see Naomi in any case--we've been through a LOT together, and she's a champ. One of the most mature and sensible young women I've ever met, but FUN at the same time.