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September 2013



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Acoustic Eidolon

Acoustic Eidolon, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Friday night after our monthly art crawl I went to a concert at St. Luke's Episcopal Church...it was WONDERFUL, and I sketched through most of it, fascinated, challenged, and delighted by it all. I didn't add the color till a day or so later, though--I was trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, but several people still noticed what I was doing. I didn't want to distract from the music, but I DID want to capture the moment.

The musicians were wonderful--they wrote most of their own music, covered some other peoples' including some traditional Celtic--she played cello, he a regular guitar and a two-necked "gitmo" that was must amazing. They were very warm and human and loving--I forgot all about my exhaustion and the aching back, lost in the loveliness of the music...

If you get the chance to hear Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire, they call themselves "Acoustic Eidolon," and they're marvelous.

Yesterday, we gave the sketchcrawl another try--the paper got it in this time, but I hadn't gotten a single call, nor had Scandinavian Country, so I was wondering if I'd be on my own again. Christiana came, only a bit late--she'd misunderstood the meeting place--and we had a ball! We froze, painting outdoors, so we finished up inside...
My scanner's being a horrendous pain or I would have scanned more of what we did, but it took me HOURS to finish the work for the book that I had to do...optional work can wait...

And after FINALLY getting it to scan everything I had to--after having to shut it down twice, once the whole computer--I discovered that there had been something on the glass, see the red dots on the man in the center?  I decided it would be less time consuming to Photoshop the whole series than to try to re-shoot, so I cloned till I was cross-eyed. 

Such a pain...but at least it didn't cause the Blue Screen of Death as it's been doing lately, and making me lose everything!

And alas, it wasn't new batteries the camera needed...I guess the flash has gone on strike.  I need a new camera!  But...what??



This is a wonderful page of sketches - I like the way you use color. Sorry about your camera..Casey
Hi Casey, and thank you! Yes, I am REALLY frustrated about the camera. We made SO MUCH progress last night, and I really wanted shots of my friends Naomi and John at work!