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September 2013



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Uh oh, I think exhaustion has set in...all around!

So I've had a TRULY busy weekend, some of which I'll put in another post, but this morning I knew I wasn't going to be good for a while lot on the rehab project.  I just ache all over, and I am really, truly tired...so I thought I'd at least take the trash bag ties over, and the flashlight and camera to see if I couldn't get a shot of the Chamber of Secrets (otherwise known as the basement)...

The ties were too small and wimpy, so I managed to tie the bags shut without them, then headed for the basement.  Oh lord, GRIM. Just over a quarter of the size of mine,  which is small itself, and bricked partly in.  Do I want to know WHY?  No.

I never did find where the light switch is for the crazy thing--there's a bulb in the fixture, and a wire leading up the wall, then out the door and back INTO the wall.  No switch, anyplace in the porch or in the kitchen, that I could tell...?!?!?  I'll have to see if Mark can trace it...

So I figured I could just point the camera and flash...ONE photo, of the hot water heater, when the flash quit working.  ACK.

So back upstairs and decided I could at least get some more of the panelling down, which I did--another 5 sheets off the walls.  Then two shots of that room, the DR, and the camera died completely.  I guess the flash was drawing too much on the dying battery.  I figured it was a sign...

So back home, making a new pot of coffee, and will MAYBE go back over later with new batteries. 

And maybe not.  Right now I need coffee and DRUGS.  Ibuprofen, give me Ibuprofen!!


and a good soak in a warm tub. that'll help soak out some of the aches, as well! it'll give the ibuprofen time to work.

we had a basement full of stuff when we first moved into our first home--we inherited four loads of wet washing that was just tossed on the floor, two sinks of nasty dishes, dirty sheets on the bed, and bags worth of trash. yup--he left suddenly, just ahead of the law, from what we heard. the landlord was just happy to find someone who would clean it out and occupy it. i so still have an old serving dish we culled out of the nasties--it dates back to the thirties, and we use it every holiday. one good thing came out of it, i guess!
That's just what Dr. J. suggested, and it worked, thanks! I felt much better after...wish my hot water heater were more efficient, I would have liked a longer soak, but it hadn't heated enough additional water by then...

I hope you got a good deal from the landlord, sounds like he got one!*G*

Love the tale of the serving dish!