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September 2013



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The Cavalry is Coming!

This portrait of Naomi is from my North Light book, Watercolor Pencil Magic

My darling young friend Naomi, whom I've known since she was 14, is coming to help with the demolition, on Tuesday, with her husband John--who has done construction IIRC! OH yes! I hope with help to get that door framing between the two front rooms opened back up. I got the drywall off, but so far even with my little sledge I can't get the 2 x 4s out...

Miss Nomes has offered to come once a week...is she wonderful, or WHAT??

She and John came to help me before kateslover  ever came to visit the first time, some months after his divorce several years ago--they helped me make the place presentable, and I was SO grateful. I was afraid his allergies would act up, and I had more cats then, so Nomes and John and I did a number on the house, big time! 

It was fun, they're adorable, and I'm looking forward to this project with their help!

Today's progress was mostly modest--I bagged up the padding and some other trash (yessir, yessir, three bags full...) and took the requested photos of the back room--to be reconverted into a porch.  The view down the basement stairs is...um...grim.

I did a rough floor plan for J., too, since he had forgotten where the closets and bathroom fit. The house is basically a mirror image of mine, here in the Old Boardinghouse District,  with some minor changes--now down on paper.*G*

Now to get a painting framed and stuff ready for the sketch crawl tomorrow...the weathermen are calling for snow, so I suspect I'll be sitting by my lonesome again...

The rest of the new photos are here, as usual, at the bottom: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717

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oh, my...and i'm still impressed with the "pepto bismol pink" bathroom. i wonder what drives people to paint things the colors they do....cheap panit, maybe??

i'm so happy for you that your friends are there to give a hand! we are lucky enough to name some of our young friends as "three a.m. friends", as well....it's good to have them around.

hooray for the cavalry! i can see the plume of dust, even now!
Can't WAIT to cover that pink! It may have to be one of the first things. ;-)

Hooray for that cavalry, especially...they've come to my rescue more than once!
Phew. Grim is right! Glad you have help, though. It's easier to face stuff like that with friends standing beside you.
It was actually fun, and I could not BELIEVE how much we accomplished in one evening. It's taken me over a week to do that much, alone...
Yes, doing that kind of thing with friends does help!

I'm taking a day off to tackle my garden. Whoof. It's really overgrown...