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September 2013



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Definitely decent crab salad...

J. and I had gotten some faux crab while he was here--I LOVE his crab cakes, but as it turned out we were in the mood for burgers that night instead--so tonight I made crab salad.  Oh, my.  That's pretty good!

Here's the sort of recipe (I don't do amounts, really...*G*)

Package of crab (or faux crab), chopped
2-3 stalks of celery, chopped fine
1/2 to 1 cup grated sharp cheddar
Maybe some onion--I didn't have room in the little bowl, rats
1 T (or more) horseradish
black pepper to taste
Mayo to moisten

Edit:  I found a bigger container, so I added chopped onion and more horseradish!  May still add the roasted red pepper and J. suggested in his comment...

GOOD.  The crab was just a tad dry, so the salad fixed it right up!  On a bed of lettuce, in a croissant, that would be a really good meal.  (It's not bad standing there with the bowl and a spoon, either...)


Sounds lovely! Might need some roasted red pepper though... *G*
YUM. And now that it's in a larger container, I can add the onion! I'll report back.*G*
Kate, next time, try shallots, which are a little milder than onions, or green onion tops or chives. That way you'll get that oniony taste without overpowering the crab. And definitely yes to the roasted red pepper!
Shallots sounds wonderful. I was using Vidalia onion, though, and they're very sweet and mild...have you tried those?
I must say I haven't, but I've heard good things about them for years! I really should try them. And I like green tops for the color... :-) But crab salad is always wonderful, no matter what. Yum.
Ohhh, I like those green tops, too. I think I used some chives from my garden...now I want more crab!

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