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September 2013



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Angeles Forest Wildflowers

Angeles Wildflowers, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Well, whew...my manuscript came back from North Light this week with LOTS of questions and changes in the order, along with a few bits of art that I needed to either reshoot or, alas, DO, in the case of this one. I just plain forgot...

So yesterday I started it. Probably part of the reason I couldn't go back to sleep at 5 this morning--it was almost but not quite done, and I wasn't sure I could pull it off.

These are some of the fall wildflowers we saw in the Angeles National Forest--they lined the road and clung in every crevice up the mountain. Finally we found a place where we could pull over safely for a few moments, and I snagged a few samples of flowers as well as some resource photos. I knew I wanted to attempt this, but had tucked the photo away and totally forgot it.

So, I'm fairly happy with it, though it really didn't turn out as I had originally planned...it was fun doing it. Sort of a wild ride, but fun...and reminds me of a wonderful, wonderful time with



Meanwhile, I put in another couple of hours on rehab this morning...new photos at the bottom, here:


The Rose Room is getting almost funny...got most of the rest of the paneling off today...

This is the pile of padding from under the LR carpet...it will smell a LOT better with that out of there...they used to have three big dogs and the carpet and padding were rather astoundingly stained.  I'm not sure it was all the dogs...*rg*

Much progress today, no wonder I'm sore and tired!


love the painting! i'm looking forward to the publication of the new one--got a waiting list, yet??

that project of yours is getting just plain crazy! i'm truly lovin' the low-set windows--wow! this is going to be wonderful. even ours, which was built in the late 1940's has been like opening a belated gift--there's always something new, something just a little odd, something just a little wonder-causing. one of the best incidentals was a little magnet we found between some floorboards, of a long-faced sad bird, whose caption read, "hey--you're no bargain, either!" we kept it on the fridge until it fell apart...
Thanks, sweet thing! Ah dunno about a waiting list.*G*

I found something in that house, too...I suspect made by the youngest son who always had a kind of sweetness about him. A silly little switchplate, made like a green, spotted salamander with googly eyes. I saved it...

I'd love to see what's in the attic, but it's accessible only by ladder. So far I'm chicken!
i like the flowers. much more wild.. sort of reminds me of jeanette carbonetti. i am not sure i can ever be as wild as her :)
Thank you, Mei! It was a wild ride, I'll have to admit...


Your flower painting is incredible - on the verge of abstract and yet completely recognizable. It seems like a new direction for you - or do I just not know your work well enough? Anyway, it's lovely.
And that renovation's just moving right along. I'm enjoying the progress (although, having been there, I don't really envy you actually doing it!)
Thank you! It's really not a new direction, just an infrequent one.

And yes, on the rehab, it's going to be a TON of work and I'm sore and tired today, but wow, will it ever look better!


You certainly DID pull this off! It's like a beautiful little explosion of color! You really know how to use all the aspects of watercolor paints. I'd seriously love to just be in the room while you paint---well, I'd have to be able to see what you were doing, too ;D. Is this, in the grand scheme, to much to ask??
I know you'll be so happy to get that icky old rug out of there. You're doing such a magnificent job of transforming that house!
Thank you, SweetXa!

I was a little nervous about going TOO far and killing it--probably why I couldn't sleep yesterday morning, got to thinking about the painting really early.

You're welcome to watch me, any time.*GG*

And alas, that icky old rug is only one of THREE in about the same condition. The DR has industrial carpet that I'm very much afraid is glued to the floor, and the back room has the same stuff the LR did.

But one thing at a time!