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September 2013



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Today's progress...

This is Worker Bee Chic

Up early this morning, work on my mind, so I threw on clothes and got next door while the bus munchkins were still waiting on the porch. 

That WAS my nefarious plan, to enlist the aid of the neighborhood kids, tell them we owned the house now and were going to fix it ALLLLL up, and that it would no longer be a dangerous drug house.  I asked them to help me keep an eye on it, and let them see inside to what it looks like now... (they were horrified.  "Who DID that to it??")

...and then I got to work.  More plaster down in the LR, bucket of nasty water out from under the kitchen sink (it smelled!), some of the trash off the back porch, some of the loose crud out of the bathroom that will be torn off, the carpet in the front room up and a start on the padding, and part of the cheap wood paneling out of the N. central room torn off the walls.  OMIGOD that wallpaper with the busy linoleum.  Once upon a time that was indeed an old lady's room!

The paneling is easier than I expected to remove...I'd thought maybe we'd just paint over it, but J. wants it done right, and so we will.  It will be MUCH the better for it.  I had to see how hard it would be to remove, and it's not, just awkward...Not sure when we need the dumpster, but it looks like before too long.  Some things I can bag up for the trash, but not paneling or carpet.

Six bags of trash from the house, one from home--the trash guys are going to be delighted, again...

And rats, I am OLD.  I used to be able to work all day on this kind of stuff, but after a couple of hours the knees hurt and so does the back.  Normally I go from job to job which helps keep things from hurting too quickly, but...knees got in their bid earlier than I wanted and told me to knock it off! 

My sweet kateslover worries about me doing too much, but really I'm pretty aware of how much I can do at any given time--I have built in "knock it off" meter, pain!  I'm used to a reasonable amount of it, but when it demands my attention--I quit.

    ladder over there
    spud or other like tool--I think I have one in the garden shed
    something to sit on
    scootchie garden seat maybe, to scoot along and pull up padding?

Meanwhile, I need a shower and a hair wash and then back to work on the book.  I got a bunch of that done over the weekend, a little yesterday, and hope to get mostly finished with the art today, so I can mail them a CD of it.  Then I need to start on the manuscript--lots of questions to answer...

I have a few questions from students, too...class was officially over Sunday, but we've got quite a few that weren't finished and I promised to be around this week.

There's a reason I called this blog "the quicksilver workaholic."  I AM a worker bee! ;-)))


An arteest who does construction and demolition. Who knew?

Cute too, but we all knew that... *G*
*Ahem.* Who built their own cabin in the woods and lived to tell the tale??

And I LOVED doing demolition to help out the Good Samaritan Center! (Of course both of those were 10+ years ago...got a bit more age on the knees by now...)

I need to add work gloves to my list--yours are too big and the hardware store just had children's gloves or LARGE men's gloves. What's that about??

And thank you.*G*
"And I LOVED doing demolition to help out the Good Samaritan Center! (Of course both of those were 10+ years ago...got a bit more age on the knees by now...)"

Which is why I said, "NO LADDERS!" I do NOT want you playing the "I've fallen and I can't get up" game. Sheesh...
I know sweetie...but I HATE promising not to do something I want to do!*rg* I'll try to find the spud...it will probably reach that far, and I just realized it might help get the padding of the front room floor, too, it's stapled and stuck...



I absolutely love your self portrait! What a wonderful way to open up this long entry on your blog - you drew me right along with you to the end!

Re: Self-Portrait

LOL! Thanks, Shirley! I do try to balance art and photos, now that we're doing all this work but this is still my art blog!


I am so impressed! Doing all that demolition work and you still had time to paint a 'self portrait with mask' and work on your book. How does that make the rest of us look?
I'm glad you're wearing a mask. They're a pain, but who knows what's in that dust.
Hey, I AM a workaholic after all! And most of the rest of the world has to contend with 8-hour day jobs, too...I'm free to set my own hours. I can work till 10 pm if I want! *G*

And yes, I hate the mask, it's hard to breathe (and some dust still gets through) but judging from my glasses I'd hate to think of ALL that going into my lungs!
I had to remove a wallpaper border in my parent's home that apparently was superglued to the wall. It took me 18 hours for a little bedroom. I found that if I sprayed the paper with a thick 50/50 solution of dawn dishwashing soap and water, that the paper came off much easier. Hopefully you won't need to use it! I am tired just reading your entry, and yet, almost wishing I was there to help.
Contac paper doesn't come off that easily either apparently, but I'm thinking we'll just drywall over it, it can be insulation!

And I'd be delighted, come ahead!
shoot--you dressed up to wreck things looks like ME, every day!

herding cats, lions, cheetas, etc, right now--at work...later, chickie!
LOL! Well hey, you have rough duty, hon!

Aiiiiiieeeee, I dunno how you do it...


This is SUCH a great story! I love reading all of its episodes and seeing the photos that chart its progress! Your self portrait is perfect, too---it shows your grit, your determination, and your gently beauty, all at once.
Thank you, sweet Xoxa! I'm glad it's not terrifically boring...I think you're either interested in rehabs or you're not.*G*


I hate to suggest this, but. . . you probably should wear goggles too. Your eye surgeon/doctor would agree. Sounds like you are doing a good job of pacing yourself, just keep it up and don't overdo. Oh yea, I'm with you on remembering when I could go like a bomb all day - ha ha. As my dh always tells me, "We all belong to the USED TO club."
Be careful!
I'm hoping my glasses will suffice. And I know my eye surgeon probably would! Not sure I could fit them over my glasses, and can't see without them worth beans...

Yep, I do a little of this, then go in another room and do a bit of that, using different muscles. I've got good upper body strength because I exercise nearly every day, so I can do quite a bit of removing plaster before stopping, but bending and pulling hurt like crazy after a short while. (And yeh, I exercise for that, too, but it doesn't do that much below the waist.*G*)

I miss that being able to go like a bomb!!!