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September 2013



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Woods Edge, watercolor and colored pencil sketch

This is the other keeper from yesterday's painting expedition--though in all probability I won't in fact keep it. It was fun to do and I was happy with it...

I love being able to catch the basic forms with a tool I love--a dark colored pencil--and then splashing in the watercolor, loose and free.


And today I went and bought myself a sweet little girly crowbar and a diminutive sledge hammer, which I put to good use.  I have the outside walls of this room about 2/3 bare...I need a LADDER, or a longer reach.  We'll be able to insulate fairly easily here I think...

J. insisted I wear a mask, and good thing, though it fogged my glasses pretty quickly.  VERY dusty job.  My socks looked like they were striped but it was just that they were partially protected by my sandals.

Not great shoes for the job, I know!

Still haven't been able to get the framework for the door I opened up yesterday loose and down, but I could squeeze between the studs in the bags of trash and got them out to the curb.  I'm sure the trashmen will be thrilled.  Again...... ;-)

And had the usual enjoyable yearly visit with my accountant--he's such a sweetie!  Who would imagine tax time could be fun?  I worked really hard this past year with the book, the classes, Cafepress and eBay, and I tightened the belt a lot, so my reward is that I get to pay more taxes.  Oh joy... >;-)

So, progress, but I am wiped out.  Already in my nightie and wishing for BED...


I love this bright painting and I'm so glad you explained about drawing first with a dark colored pencil--great idea. It was so much fun reading through your blog today and catching up on all you've been up to! My goodness! I love seeing the progress on the house. It looks like it will be beautiful and hugely different from it's past incarnation. It's great you're keeping photos of how it was and what you do. My sister bought a fixer-upper (that should have been a tear-it-downer it was so bad) and they have a wonderful album of their work. All the walls were originally painted pepto-bismal pink and holes in the ceiling were stuffed with old newspapers to unsuccessfully prevent roof leaks. It's a beauty now though.
Hi Jana, and thank you! Yes, I started working like that maybe 20 years ago, and love the effect. It's both bold and free, two things I like a lot.*G*

The bathroom in this house is about that color, UGH. But yes, I'm liking keeping photos of the progress--it's frustrating that our handyman is busy with other work right now and can't get at the outside painting for a few weeks, so I'm feeling the need to see some progress myself.

Haven't quite got the hang of asking for help, independent old thing...I understand the dumpster party, when we're finally ready to rent a dumpster, but seems like there's a lot of plugging away to do first...
"Still haven't been able to get the framework for the door I opened up yesterday loose and down..."

Um... what framework, sweetie? That's a support wall!
As I told you on the phone, sweet thing...I meant the framework for the original door in the support wall! That's why I took this picture, http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717/photo/294928804319434225/31 so you wouldn't worry.

For some reason that was a two part job--the original opening in the bearing wall was larger (you can see the older 2 x 4s at upper right), then it was made smaller, then it was closed in with drywall. I'm just reversing the process. ;-)
No, wait, let me put that another way...the new, light-colored framework for the smaller version is what I'm trying to take down. I'm opening it up back to the original door framework.

I need more coffee before trying to make sense here!*G*


Oh, I love your pencil and wash drawings, too! This one really captures that early spring architecture mixed with early spring soft colors---and now I've got to try this technique too, though we are past that early spring stage here.
So fun to read about your work on the house. I can imagine that all of that demoliltion and clearing out is good soul work, too;D.
I tried to leave a comment at the latest post just now, but I'm not sure it went through.
Sweet Xoxa, you DO pencil and wash here at http://laurelines.typepad.com/! I can't get the hang of your lovely soft graphite pencils, though I love the effect--I just make a smeary mess. I tend to use a 5mm or 7mm mechanical pencil instead, usually HB, sometimes 2B.

The cool or warm 90% dark gray colored pencils give me a similar effect, though, don't they! I like that pencil because it doesn't lift or smear when I add a wash--and I love drawing over painting, I think, for the most part.

Sometimes I use black or indigo CP too...like here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/336359936/in/set-72057594095439524/ --indigo is lively!


I meant your colored pencil and wash drawings! I think your colored pencils give a more substantial structure to sketches than graphite does. I don't know why my graphite lines don't smear more---sometimes they do, though. I love that long view landscape you linked to in your flickr album.
Thanks girl! I do really love the wax-based pencils with watercolor...sometimes I train my color memory by doing the pencil sketch on the spot, then adding the color later from my impressions of the scene...
"I can imagine that all of that demolition and clearing out is good soul work, too;D."

I forgot to answer that part! Yes yes, yes! I often talk to the house as I work, and I think it's good for both of us! Last night when I went to bed I looked out my bedroom window and found myself smiling at it, happy and content.