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September 2013



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Tryst Falls, watercolor and colored pencil sketch--plus Easter demolition!

Tryst Falls is SO pretty when we've had enough rain--and this spring we certainly have. The sound is delightful, and today I was nearly alone--only two other cars in the small park, and they soon left. Once in a while someone would drive over the little bridge, let their dog out for a quick runaround, then drive off again...

If I hadn't gotten do darned hungry, I might still be out there painting!

But...I had work to do, too, and I knew my sweetie would be beginning to worry. I'd left the cell phone in the Jeep, and sure enough had missed his call...

House progress:

So. After we talked I was itching for more progress on the house--took a candle and Easter prayers along with my hammer, and knocked out a door they'd sealed up--so nice and AIRY now. This is going to be lovely...

This one shows the original opening, so I decided to go for it!  If I had had a crowbar with me I could have gotten the framing out, but I'm not tall enough without a ladder, and couldn't get enough leverage. 


Book progress:

I got all the work rescanned that was too small, and found three pieces that had gone astray.  I'll have to redo two, I think, and then do a couple of completely new paintings, one for the inside cover.  Not tonight, though...I think I've earned a nice sit-down.

Spring's progress:  Retarded, seriously.  The cold weather has turned the redbuds into brown-buds, along with about everything else--no more wild cherries, no more apple blossoms.  Limp leaves on the maples and forsythia, drooping tulips.


we have a falls in the heart of minneapolis--minnehaha falls. (yes, there is even a statue of hiawatha cradling minnehaha in his arms, standing in the waters above the falls) most of the time, it is just a leisurely thing, with enough water to keep the proper reputation as a falls. but when the rains/thaw comes, it is a torrent! one can hear the "thunder" from the parking area a block away. it has gone thru the cycle enough times that it has visibly worn back the river bed above it during my lifetime. i remember going behind the falls as a little kid, with dad and uncles, just to see it from behind (i was about 4), and it was like a cave back there. now, it has been reduced to a shallow depression, and the public is no longer allowed access to that area. but i still love the falls...the creek goes all the way down to join the mississippi river, and one can walk the entire distance on paths that have been forged during the passage of time. there are sandstone bluffs along the way--when i was little, i could still find my mom and dad's initials where he'd climbed up to the top and carved them into the cliff.

during really dry years, there is some awesome rock picking in the creek beds--great fossils, etc. i love having access to a little bit of "wild", right in the "big city".

the house is looking great! i think it really likes having a sympathetic ear, and hands with direction. finding that door was a real coup--it does open up the whole place. you guys are gong to be so darned pleased with this--and the house, even happier!
Have you read "War for the Oaks" by Emma Bull? I actually knew about the falls because of that book, which I LOVE.

I'd love the fossils...I find lots of them in my little creekbed, too.

I think the house IS going to be great, and it appreciates the attention. I talk to it whenever I'm there, commiserating with such poor treatment, promising better times...there's almost no "sense" of those other, previous occupants, just a sense of waiting and expectancy...
I love little falls..we had one in the town i moved from last year. I don't know about my new town..it is huge area wise.A big town but also a ton of country-ish areas,and a long mountain range..i haven't explored them all.I like being within driving distance of San Francisco..but the burbs i live in
has dairy cows etc. So it's like my old town in Mass if it had some cultural elements.(versus just being the county seat in aan agricultural area).

I was getting tired of where i was living..kind of the countryish area of the burbs..but off a major route for tourists. Hell in the summer. I like a more open area.

Lots of work on that house :)