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September 2013



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Today's House Work

Whew.  Insomnia last night and REALLY tired today, so I think my house rehabbing duties will consist of talking to the handyman, going through the house (and around it!) and getting bids this morning, and dealing with the lawn guy, both of which I've done already!

It looks much better now that Harry's mowed both yards, and of course picked up a lot of trash over there as well.  Looks like someone cares.

We'll be starting with painting the trim on the house, so things will really start looking up pretty obviously before long!  I think I'm going to see that it has new steps--whoever built those was going for utility, not grace.

You can't really tell, here, but risers are supposed to fit UNDER the top of the step, not over it...duh...

And Mark was suggesting a nice enclosed edge on the porch to make it look more finished--they re-decked the porch maybe 8 years ago, but did away with the enclosure and rails...

So far have paid the bills and packaged up a pile of orders, as well as doing some work on my taxes--I need to go to the post office, and I REALLY need to work on the book some, but oy.  SO tired...


Your house is so cute..from what i can see here:)
Thank you, it's going to be! This is actually my house: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/sets/72157594261879512/, soon to be OUR house, right next door to his house, also soon to be our house.*G* You can see his through the porch posts on mine, to the left.

Are we nuts or what??
Your house is really sweet..it feels nostalgic..like it could be in New england. You bought the house next to yours? I must have missed all of this. Is your sweetie moving in???
Actually my sweetie bought it...and yes, when he retires, he will! That won't be for a little over a year, but it'll take that long to get the place habitable, I'm sure!

I lived next door to some really bad situations the past 10+ years--I think he mostly wanted to rescue me from that possibility. Much noise, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, trash and more...pretty depressing. Feels GREAT to be working to turn that around!
yes..it is really bad when the neighbourhood gets funky. Now there will be a some control. Are you on a main street ?
Yes and no...it's really just a neighborhood, about a block from the old state highway that connects our small towns. But it's one of three main routes to the neighborhoods on top of the hill...so we get a fair amount of traffic. The tree J. now owns has been smacked many times as cars lose control coming down that hill...I guess he remembers that...*rg*

Good thing there's a pretty sturdy guard rail!
I lived off a main sort of ruralish looking highway and the guy around the corner had the same problem with folks hitting his fence. I always feel sorry for him.
When you hear a bang up the street in winter, you pretty much know what it is, here...


The porch

Do you think that porch was part of the original house? The roofline doesn't look like it belongs with the rest of the house.


Re: The porch

Hi Pablo...I'm not sure, it's not like mine or most of the little 4-room, two-family, two-front-door houses around here. Hard to tell if it was different originally because it's a corner lot, or if that was added later. I suspect it might have been, though, since the trim is different too.


This is what happens when I get all worked up in my own life and don't take the time to follow you around like a puppy dog! Look at all you've been up to!! Girl, you cram about 3 or 4 lives into your one lifetime. You're a wonder, sweet kate.
Is that why I'm so tired!*g* I knew there was a logical explanation...

I think the lines have blurred--I've lived with cats so long I've picked up a few of their extra lives...

But don't we need to run off to someplace quiet and simple, xoxa?