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September 2013



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Today's progress...

On the rehab front:  took over a couple of HUGE, heavy duty trash bags--bagged up the remains of the FIRST layer of linoleum from the north center room.  (It has three, augh.  The second one is rather charming, in a retro kind of a way, though, see?  Too bad the one that shows at the edge is that ghastly wood-patterned cheapie stuff...)

Who knew you could get a linoleum cut??  Just like a paper cut.  Bleah...I've christened the floor with my blood....

Lovely, eh?  The bigger bag is full of a layer of linoleum...the small one beyond is part of yesterday's work.

I had the devil's own time unlocking the door this time--no problem yesterday, but then I'm not used to deadbolts.  Don't like 'em.

I saw a guy that does drywall today, but that may not be the first project--J. would like the floors done first, so hoping my old friend Mark does floors too!

I hope to find some help getting the carpets up...I have the truly sinking feeling the wretched indoor/outdoor (J. says it's industrial, not indoor/outdoor) carpet is glued down.  Oh, God.  Ugh.  That stuff is NASTY.

On the taxes front:  I had hoped to have J. help me while he was here, but we had WAY too much to do, so I'm trying to get it all done in 4 days, before my appointment.  Much progress today. But  WHY don't I do this all as I go along???

Plus the book manuscript arrived today, and they'd already asked for a bunch of changes (now there are more), and they need it like yesterday, of course. 

And it's the last week of classes.  Erk.

Other than that, hey, nothing happening...


it's truly a shame, that you sit around and do nothing so much of the day. you should get a hobby. like, painting, for instance. or i could show you how to crochet. but painting is so much more portable, i hear...
Darling smarta$$.

But yeah, my brain is going to explode.*GG*

This is funny--a young girl down the street wanted to adopt my garden, because she loves gardening and her father "took hers away from her"?? So, she asked if she could get my raised beds ready to work. I asked her how much she needed for her work, she said nothing, she just loved doing it.

It was an offer I couldn't refuse, but rather wish I had. Many knock-knocks on the door since then. Today (it froze the last two nights, here) she knocked on the door to ask if I'd planted the iris bulbs she dropped off day before yesterday, yet. I said "um, you can see I haven't, they're right behind you! I don't have time, I'm working..."

Just what I need is pressure from a 16 year old I don't actually know from Adam to do work I didn't ask for in the first place! If I had time to garden, I'd be DOING it...


Isn't home renovation fun? It always seems that way before you actually start a project and once you realize it's not, it's too late to go back. I hope you're taking all the safety precautions you should (because I never did, and I sort of regret it now).
Bon courage, as they say here in France. Casey
Progress is fun...hurts a lot though, which is why I'm taking it pretty slow.*G*

Safety precautions? Like changing the locks, or having a tetanus shot?

And thank you, bon courage is just what we'll need!


Both of those, and wearing a mask and gloves! Casey
That WOULD be sensible, I'd forgotten how dusty this stuff can be...I'm so not good with working with gloves on, and I can't breathe in a mask.

Of course if you breathe enough dust and filth, you stop breathing, period.*rg*