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September 2013



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Why I got involved with the parks department ...

...all those years ago!  It's such a lovely place, and I had visions of protecting it--which I did help do, but who knew parks was also SO much parks-n-REC.  Oy, I'm so not a sports person!


This little painting was done on the spot several years ago, sitting up in the woods--no masking agent was used, I just very slowly and contemplatively painted around all those tiny flowers, stems, and lacy leaves.  It was a wonderful time and the memory is as fresh as if I'd painted it yesterday.

Still, if you love nature, this place is a real gift.  For such a small town to have over 140 acres of parks is pretty amazing--and such varied and well-kept ones!  Nature in astounding variety along walking trails both wild and tamed, the wildflowers that tempt me out to paint and photograph, birds, deer, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, an oak and hickory forest as well as a variety of other trees, open grasslands, rivers, springs, fossils, gazebos and shelterhouses--and now a NEW park, as yet undeveloped, with a fishing lake--wow. 

I wrote several of my natural history books right here.  On Becoming Lost, The Local Wilderness, The Naturalist's Path, The Nocturnal Naturalist, Painting Nature's Details in Watercolor, Nature Walks--words and illustrations all from this small area, with a few forays elsewhere...

The front cover art of On Becoming Lost; A Naturalist's Search for Meaning is of the road through East Valley Park, just at this time of the year...

I need to get back over there today...the wildflowers call with tiny, insistent voices...


Wow... with no masking agent, that's doubly amazing!
I must have been having one of my rare patient days!