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September 2013



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Monday's Bloodroot

Bloodroot, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Monday I went to the woods while J. napped a bit...poor man desperately needed some downtime, and although I had hoped I could show him that lovely place, regenerating a little was much more important. There will be other springs.

Isley Park Woods is a Missouri Natural Area...the wildflowers in the spring are spectacular--the north-facing hill nearly looks as though it had a light snowfall, so many are the tiny flowers there.

Bloodroot is the first, generally speaking, followed quickly by drifts of rue anemone, spring beauty, Dutchmen's breeches, pale corydalis, wild ginger, sessile bellwort, and a variety of violets, including tiny yellow ones. People come from all over to see the flowers...I don't know why they're so spectacular there in the spring, but they are. A combination of the north-facing hill, old and second growth forest, the springs the town is famous for, and the slow, eternal leaching of the limestone bluffs, I imagine.


Sounds: tufted titmice, chickadees, cardinals, robins, the gurgle of Fishing River, the wind in the tops of the still-bare trees.


my favorite times of the year are spring, and fall. there is something indefinable about that time of year when the very earth becomes alive again...there is a scent of growth in the breeze, a feeling of anticipation that follows every day. the changing growth patterns fairly fly by, and every day brings the end of something, and the beginning of another piece of beauty. it's like a concentration of gifts, all crammed into a few weeks...and before one can truly soak up all the beauty of one day, another crowds into the senses, bringing with it more beauty, more newness. it is almost overwhelming...even minnesota, with it's odd weather patterns gives more than it takes. today, the crocuses were peeking out of a blanket of snow. and this afternoon, the starflowers were pushing past the icy patterns on the ground. i think spring will win....
You are such a graceful and evocative writer, my friend...

Spring in Minnesota sounds as lovely as here...


Oh, take me with you!! This sounds perfectly idyllic and your sketch is its match.
I would LOVE to take you there, sweet Xoxa, you'd do such wonderful paintings! Up in the woods is an old walking path that parallels the hill...when the town was new, an important KC architect designed our parks system, of which this is the first--there are stone steps, stone benches (more like couches, really!) and all sorts of lovely vistas up there...I'd love to share it with you!