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September 2013



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Pushing boulders uphill...

...is a lot easier to do with katesloverhere to help.  We've been wild busy, and I've about OD'd on people and business and details, but we are GETTING there.

Thursday was just nuts...the title company turned up TWO problems with the house deed that hadn't shown up in the initial computer check (both too old), and we and the seller scrambled frantically to get them ironed out.  One of the problems was three owners ago and 23 + years old...no one was still around who even REMEMBERED it, or knew how to deal with it.  Fortunately the mayor is a good friend and figured out who we needed to speak to, then stepped in himself to help.  Hooray for Jim Nelson, mayor of Excelsior Springs and all around GOOD MAN, and Steve Marriot, City Manager!

A bit more tweaking on both fronts yesterday, but I think the title company has all they need now, and we should be able to close on Monday or Tuesday.  J. took a walkthrough yesterday and not surprisingly, it's pretty grim after years of neglect and druggies breaking in, but fixable.  God bless the man.

So yesterday afternoon we just mostly collapsed...listened to the music that the wondrous abbie_normal sent me (THANK YOU AGAIN, you sweet thing!), read our books, sketched some, fixed a good dinner, had some wine, read more, and went to bed.  Lots more sleep last night, too--the first night we were both so wired we woke every hour--

I am not a detail person, OR the most social human being in America.  All these little legal tweaks, flying trips here and there, and numerous--and repeated--dealings with folkses (especially those who just kept needing MORE of this or that) make me nuts.*rg*  There's a REASON I'm self-employed!


i'm glad it got there! i hope you two can just sit and breathe for a while--it sounds as though you have much too much on the plate at the moment.

and when you need more soundtrack to your life, make a noise. there is plenty more!

WAY too much, so today has mostly been a laze-around day. I did quite a few sketches of the lad as he dozed...yum. We did a little of the putting-the-house-to-rights stuff and separating out things to sell from things to keep, then I filled some jewelry orders and did some eBay stuff. Pretty low key! This evening we're driving over to the next town for dinner with friends...

You're such a doll!


So glad you were able to get the kinks ironed out! I've yet to be involved in a property sale that went smooth, so I'm completely sympathetic. You've been going like a madwoman for DAYS; you most definitely deserve some quiet, relaxing time.
Thank you, Miss Brenda! I don't guess we'll really believe it's done till it's DONE, at the closing tomorrow or the next day, but so far so good.

And actually I feel sort of like I've been going like a madwoman since last spring. Between the book contract, the surgeries, the travel and "normal" life, I've felt pretty stressed out--hence all the attempts to simplify and take control! :-)