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September 2013



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More on Discardia...

A quick visit to http://www.metagrrrl.com/discardia/ netted me more synchronicity and confirmation...gotta LOVE it.

"Discardia is celebrated by getting rid of stuff and ideas you no longer need. It's about letting go, abdicating from obligation and guilt, being true to the self you are now. Discardia is the time to get rid of things that no longer add value to your life, shed bad habits, let go of emotional baggage and generally lighten your load."

Earlier today, I announced to the 2,200+ member Revolutionary War discussion list I've headed up for almost 10 years that I am retiring, as of March 31.  My dear friend Mike Williams agreed to take it over--he's served on my board all that time, and he is retiring from his job the 31st.  What timing, eh?  (He thinks running Revlist will be easier than being a policeman, but it's really a lot the same thing.*G*)

Once upon a time I was thoroughly obsessed with reenacting.  Research was a treasure hunt, going out in new "period attire" for the first time--usually something new for EVERY event--was a real kick.  I loved the music, the ambience, the food, the clothes, everything.  It was, in a word, COOL. 

It isn't, any more.  And trying to herd cats like this huge list of dedicated, obsessed, intelligent, passionate, opinionated people pretty much like I was has been exhausting for the past 3 years or so.  It no longer adds value to my life, and it feels great to let go of the emotional baggage.  No wonder I'm in such a good mood today--not only is my sweetie coming tomorrow, but I am FREE.

I began with some basic rules when I took over the list (it had sort of been a hotbed of flame wars, what WAS I thinking?!?)  We decided there would be no modern politics, and we WOULD be civil even when we disagreed.  There were a few more, but those two were the most difficult to initiate, the most difficult to enforce, and, well, just obviously the most difficult.  With the help of the wonderful 12-person board I enlisted, we managed to pretty much stay on top of it, and the list grew from 300+ to well over 2000 while I owned it.  Guess we were doing something right. 

But I'm an artist, and I want to paint.  I'm a writer, and I want to remember how to write again.  I am a lover, and I want to love.  I'm done being the policeman.  I let go.  I'm abdicating my obligation, and it's Mike's now.

And it feels GREAT.


OH, OUCH!!!!!! Ow ow ow!*G*
Garage sale GOOD. So's eBay, which has really picked up for me the last month or so...but so much of that is more work that I put it off for a long time. Hadn't listed much on katestreasures for an age, because of all the photographing and typing, but I'm glad I did! Almost $500 worth of stuff this week, OUT of here. Maybe if I keep chipping away at it...
Maybe now I can get on the advisory board...
You gotta be NUTS, sweet thing.*G* (I must be, 'cause I agreed to stay.*GG*)

And I did suggest to Mike he should ask some folks he works with well, thinking of you of course!
I love what you are doing for your life.
Thank you, sweet thing, me too. I've been working on it for months now (well, years, if you're talking about the getting rid of stuff!), but really, more the underlying attitudes, feelings, obligations and so forth. Not that I think I'm going to grow up any time soon, but I AM focusing more, and being a little more careful about what I take on.
Yay for Discardia!

YESSSS!!! And THANK YOU for the link!
yep. it is good to eliminate. it is hard, sometimes, to give up stuff--whether things, roles in life, or expectations--ours, and others'. some days i despair at what i've tossed aside, but other times, i know i've done the right thing, and given somebody else the opportunity to DO or BE something they couldn't while i was occupying that space, phusically, or emotionally. it must be a mark of maturity, to be able to give it up. and i'm working on it...
Me too. I kind of need to run the show, only--I DON'T need to. Feels good to step back and see what happens next.
Good for you!

I think part of my burnout re: reenacting is also the feeling that modern politics _have_ crept into people's attitudes too much. Did you see any of the kerfuffle about the Wren Cross on the 18thCWomen's list? I decided to read a digest (instead of the usual 'delete'), and saw it, and quickly decided that yeah, it wasn't worth my time.

Good riddance!

Dearest Kate-

Not to you!

To that freaking list!

Have I mentioned how glad I am that you did NOT ask me to be on the advisory board?

I would offer that it was a thankless job but a few people have said thank you lately.

Thank you from me, too.



Re: Good riddance!

HEY, sweetie! I didn't know you had a blog! (You don't appear to write in it frequently, darn it...) I added you to my friends list, straightaway.

I laughed when I saw the photo in your icon--I remember that one!

I don't think you've mentioned lately that you were glad, but I knew how incredibly much pressure you were under at the time and there was no way I'd heap more on you!

And hey, it IS a fairly thankless job. Most people are probably just going "ding dong the witch is dead," and feeling pretty good right now.*G*

I HOPE YOU'RE WELL, and I'd love to hear from you more often!




Just for the record, I've read A Naturalist's Cabin at least four times, and it's getting time to read it again. I'll never discard this book.


Re: Discardia

Oh, what a wonderful blog you have, thank you! I've added it to my links...beautiful! Why don't I think to put weather/nature changes?!?

And I'm delighted you like the book, Pablo...I loved writing it.