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September 2013



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The really cool thing about all this organizing...

...is finding things you'd forgotten you had (or forgotten where they were) and do still want (not all that much, actually), and then when you're finally making progress, finding space to store the things you want to keep!  OH yeah.  I have two nice big spots to shove things into, now, out of sight and out of the way!  This is GOOD. 

Now, what to shove in there...??

Trash day was yesterday, and I already have three more wastebaskets full of stuff to toss...

YES, it needed it, why do you ask?*G*

The eBay auctions are going really well, both on my old katestreasures where I'm selling some of my reenacting stuff, collectibles, and antiques, and on my Cathy Johnson Fine Art Galleries, (cathyjohnsonart) where my paintings, art books, and such are.  Selling books on Amazon, too--slowwwwwly.  And I have a huge bag of clothes, pillows, and bedding, as well as  boxes of kitchen stuff and books to go to the Good Samaritan Center. 

I'm not fond of packaging and shipping, but I'm insane about moving stuff out of the house!  It feels GREAT.

And I'm having that absolutely lovely sense of wellbeing that is such a treasure...most welcome right now, 'cause I've been feeling like crud.*GG*

AND my own kateslover will be here TOMORROW.  No wonder I feel great.


QUICK!!! put somethng in that gap or the opossums will move back in. they'll think it's just for them and their kin. after all, you have such a nice buffet laid out, and it is cafeteria style...

hope you and j. have a wonderful interlude, with no interruptions of the unexpected kind! go paint yer fingers off, and "unlax" a bit.
Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!! NOOOOOooooo!

Besides, it'll get filled quickly enough--I'm waiting for Joseph to carry some of that for me!

Thank you, we BOTH need to 'unlax,' but we're also trying to get that house bought while he's here. That's likely to be a bit nuts, too...*rg* So far so good, though, mostly things are falling into place.
Whoa, whoa, WHOA, did I get a cool package in the mail yesterday! THANK YOU! That's incredible! We've been through a couple of CDs so far...and OH thank you for Fever. That is SO much fun to dance to...
Isn't it amazing how just getting started opens up so much? That feeling of being free and uncluttered inside!
Clearing out and decluttering must be contagious, Aisling and Moderngypsy helped get me into my studio/study and make a big dent - still lots more to do but I'm getting the house in order. It's been slower some days but as long as I keep moving fwd I am fine.
My best to you and J on his visit, and the house purchase.
Take care, Dee
Glad to hear you're making progress too! And yes, it does feel great, very freeing. We loaded up the Jeep with all the stuff I'd gotten ready to go to the Good Samaritan Center and got it down there yesterday, so the LR is more open, too.

The visit is being lovely, tiring, frustrating, delightful...we're getting closer to closing, though! And thank you!