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September 2013



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A few days ago, one of my LJ friends, jenstclair , mentioned the Discarda site, which I am enjoying--when I have the time to check it out. I was well into simplify mode before I heard of it, but it's got such good ATTITUDE that I'm finding the confirmation encouraging! Fun to drop in from time to time...

Flylady just wasn't for me. Somehow having someone email you every day and tell you what to do, in an already overloaded schedule, just bugged me, not inspired me. I checked it out so briefly it was hardly a ripple.

Somehow this is a LOT closer to what I like.

Lots of inspiration, lots of ideas, lots of good attitude...thank you, Jen!

I was well into the process already, as I mentioned...the time for my sweetheart to move here is just over a year away now, and I want to be SO much freer of junk by then.

And this takes on a kind of impetus of its own...once truly started, it's good to do SOMEthing, every day. Maybe not much, but something.

Today it was a LOT of somethings. Tomorrow is trash day, again, and I always find that inspiring. I have two large trash cans and three bags out there to be picked up, along with a huge bag of clothing, pillows, lap robes and such for the Good Samaritan Center, plus three large grocery sacks of kitchen stuff and a box of books. (OH if they only picked up. Back hurts....)

In addition, the auctions I listed on my old "katestreasures" eBay ID have generated a lot of interest, both in auction goods and my store, as well as people writing to ask if I "also have any..." some of which I DO. And getting rid of it, too.

Meanwhile, as things clear out, I find I am organizing my office and my art supplies and paintings, and finding space for things I actually WANT. Things I need. I cleared out nearly the whole linen closet today, and now there's someplace to store some of the ugly big plastic bins until I figure out what to do with what's in them...

Life IS interesting. Joseph is buying the house next door, as I may have mentioned, and I won't have to deal with the awful neighbors any more. (Somehow beating up on one another, throwing trash all over, breaking windows, and yelling words that would make a sailor blush just isn't acceptable to me...) So the actual OWNER of the house, who hadn't lived there for several years, was here digging out a mountain of trash today, too. Since the house has been vacant for a while, the water is off and the city won't pick up the trash if it's out by his curb, so I told him it was OK to bring it over here.

Oh, my. The trashmen are NOT going to be thrilled in the morning...

The trash can and a three of the bags are mine, now joined by another trash can about half full...I did my part!

Actually, it will be interesting to see what is still there by the time the trashman comes.  Bill took my big group camp skillet, despite the deep pitting, and someone already made off with the lamp...want a pretty good ironing board or a propane heater??


It did me too! Not that I gave it a lot of a chance, but still...didn't take long to develop.*G*
Thanks for the link, I'm going to check it out. I really dislike Flylady. She's far too naggy for me; if I want a lecture about my poor housekeeping I'll call my mother! :p
LOL! Yeah, that's sort of how it affected me. I haven't had much time to read Discardia, since I've been so busy (getting rid of stuff!*G*), but the overall attitude of simply freeing yourself from things that no longer enrich your life--INCLUDING old attitudes or fears or such--really touched something with me. I'm working on the attitudes thing at the same time, so it was synchronicity, Jen sending that link!


Sweet Kate,
That's the most luminous, beautiful, tenderest sketch of rubbish I've ever seen! You just can't help yourself, can you, from making things beautiful in that Quicksilver way?
Well, darling Xoxa, that rubbish represents freedom and hope. I guess it IS beautiful to me!

It's been a long time living next to some pretty grim situations--having the house actually abandoned the last 6 months or so was heaven, even as I knew it was being broken into and used by druggies. At least they were QUIET.

Having my knight buy it is the best of all possible worlds, as far as I'm concerned. He just amazes me.
oh, yeah. flylady makes my skin crawl. that site is designed for people who don't work hospital shifts, and who worry about externals. i don't like my clutter, but if someone really wants to come and see ME, they can ignore the stacks around them, and see me. and if the queen wants to come and visit, i'd be happy to meet her in a nearby tea room, where life is civilized, and the veneer of perfection can be polished, just a bit more. otherwise, come on over, i'll clear a path, and show you the latest thing i'm working on!
Pretty much how I've always felt about it, and EXACTLY what I've done...not that the queen herself has shown up, but I meet strangers at our old historic hotel, at Scandinavian Country, at our lovely B&B, The Inn at Crescent Lake. Works for me! If it's company, as in friends (or my sweetie!) then they know me, and know I WORK here.

My clutter has become not only a serious irritant but it's taking up room I need for my man, so it's gotta go. Some of it.*G*
Only you can make a pile of trash and garbage beautiful!

Of course, it'll look a lot better once it's GONE... *G*
I love you, babe....*dls*

And of course as I said, a LARGE part of that mess is Bill(y)'s, so it will look a LOT better gone, and we won't have to worry about it!


It looks like you're really on a roll -- and how great to sketch the castoff clutter! I'm having a little trouble parting with a sweatshirt I use as a sort of house coat. It's stained and full of holes and my cat chewed up the zipper so it's hard to close and anyway I've bought a new one to replace it. And yet each morning I put it on and ignore the new one. You've inspired me to draw the old holey one and then put it in the trash. If I saw it for the first time that's what I'd do with it so why keep it?

Re: Congratulations

LOL! I'll be looking for the Jana sweatshirt...knowing you, it will look so cool then I'LL want it!

I do have a pair of work turtlenecks that I just love...both of them have a hole in an unfortunate place, and one has acrylics on it, but I like them, and the way they fit, and they're warm, and I've been wearing the old things for years now...they're NOT in the trash yet!
Excellent :)

Remember the loom I mentioned? It turns out the thing doesn't come apart. The seller got a bit snarky on me when I asked if it did ("It's not a _modern_ loom, you know!"), which wasn't what I asked. But I just have nowhere to put the darned thing, if I did buy it. If it came apart, I could stack the parts in a corner.

But maybe I just don't need more junk, you know?
"But maybe I just don't need more junk, you know?"

A cautionary tale, yep. ;-) (Dragging a loom to events just sounded horrifying, to me, but then I'm into keeping it SIMPLE when I go!)
i was threatening to get a loom, just today. we found the extra warp separator from my grandmother's loom, today, in the basement. the neighbor lady stole the loom while they were having the funeral. she claimed that grandma said she could have it...but there was nothing in writing. the boys were too reticent (old swedes, all of them) to go to battle for it, and i was only eight or nine. dad and i had conversation about hers this afternoon, and i began my threats. hers was a huge floor loom (from sweden), and she made magnificent rugs on it. i may still make good on that threat. she made a fair living for them after grandpa lost too many grey cells to be effective as a bread winner...she was a grand gal!
I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother's loom! What a treasure to lose...same thing happened when my grandmother died, except it was one of the kids that helped herself to the home canned stuff and grandma's cookbook among other things. And then denied it, but she was the only one who could make some of the family recipes after that. Hmmmm...

Your grandma sounds wonderful!