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September 2013



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3 Finns

3 Finns, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

I got to go sketch baby Finn today! We had family birthdays at my cousin's house, a couple of blocks away and overlooking the park--there are two in March, so we consolidate. Everyone brought 6 sandwiches, so it was like a big sandwich smorgasbord-picnic--fun!

I made hot cheese-and-pimento spread and curried tuna salad, both in croissants, and we also had egg salad, chicken salad, tuna rollups, cream cheese and veggies in a red tortilla, and more, plus a huge salad, and of course the home made chocolate cake and ice cream. I'm stuffed...

So after dinner and prezzies, everyone held Finn (we kidded about drawing lots for the Finn-holding schedule!) and I got to draw him in many different poses, in different laps.

He's such a cutie...now if I can just get the chance to sketch Birgitta, too! I almost got to, two weeks ago, but someone came swooping in and grabbed her away. Rats...needless to say I wasn't wonderfully gracious. *rg* It's hard to find a time when she's at the shop, awake, not eating or fussy, I've got my stuff with me, someone can hold her, and it's quiet enough to sketch without interruption. We got interruption. Big time...

Here's the second Finn page in my big hand-bound journal, with his mama, my beloved middle godchild...

Rachel & 4 Finns

All in all, a wonderful afternoon and evening; my love called twice while I was at the party, too, and the bloodroots are blooming in the park. Lovely, lovely day!


i got to have some quality baby time today, too. shigella's little one is 4 1/2 months old now, and very engaging. she smiles, and has exended "conversations" with one. lots of opinions, that child. wonder where she gets it?? (snork)

we had nearly 70 degrees today--and we still have four foot snow piles in the back yard. i did get to pick the first siberian squill for shigella...she wenet home with the "first" prize, as it were. the best was the scent of spring--it is so much greener than autumn, in the nose. nice....

glad you had a wonderful day! you needed one!
4 1/2 months is about the age of my Birgitta! Too bad she lives in another town, we seem to have trouble making connections.

I'm glad you had baby-time! Finn has long conversations, too...and snorty baby noises. Funny! He sounds like a cat purring...

I don't have squills, bet their lovely! And yes, smells like spring here too. I hope to manage time to get to the park to paint the bloodroot...
Yep - of all the babies I've ever seen, that's one of 'em... *G*
You need a new line.*G*