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September 2013



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Finally getting some new auctions up!

I'm having to consolidate and simplify here, a LOT, since my love will be moving here, and I'm clearing out a lot of my collection--books, fabrics, handmade redware, copper, baskets, and even my reproduction watercolor paintboxes, including the one I had made for me, based on an original, when I first got into reenacting.

I researched a great deal of this when I wrote my first Graphics/Fine Arts book, Living History; Drawing on the Past--if you've seen that book, many of the art supplies and colors ended up reproduced for this paint box.

It has LOTS of extras as part of the package, including historically accurate paint colors, charcoal, white chalk, a porcelain palette and much more.  In that era, young men and women were often trained in watercolors, if they were educated at all.  If in the military, a young artist might find himself mapping an invasion, a surveillance, or a defensive landscape--I own
some originals, framed on my wall, of just this sort of thing!  The cherry wood artist's paint box is #330101382383--please take a look.

There's also a wonderful wooden Monticello watercolor paint box with cakes of color embossed with designs, as they did in the 18th and early 19th centuries that never even got used...

(I've simplified my kit, a LOT, and what I take with me now is much lighter weight...getting old is NOT for sissies!)

The redware is that I made myself, based on historical designs, techniques, and materials.  It's at a deep discount in my store--gotta MOVE this stuff!  This is my favorite piece, a mochaware plate, # 330101788467, that I made with white slip and cobalt mocha:

I'm delighted, though--got this stuff up less than 20 minutes ago and already sold the loaf pan!

Watch my katestreasures ID on eBay, or add me to your favorites, please--I'll be adding many of my books as I go along, and I'm starting to measure fabrics (most linens) for listing.  How much more 18th and 19th C.
clothing do I need, anyway?? :-)

Thanks, all, and please forgive the commercial announcement!

(Cathy Johnson)


Thank you, girlfriend!

Makes us smile, too! (Love the icon of you and your sweetie...)
That it does... *dls* - see? *G*

But not the repro watercolor set!!!

Well, since you want it to go to someone who will use it to "educate the public"... *G*
*Snort!* Well, it's gotta go, I haven't used it in an age. I use the smaller, simpler ones! As I've said, I HATE dragging a bunch of stuff to events. Unlike some folk.*G* (NO not you...)