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September 2013



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Simplify, simplify!

So...I'm still working on it.  I ended up with two big 55-gallon trash cans full, plus about a third of the cardboard boxes I've been saving to ship things in, and a trash bag full of junk.

Waiting for the DAV are two bags of clothing, the IRON KETTLE, and three boxes of kitchen and other stuff.  (What DO you do with candles people give you but which, in fact, stink?  Somebody must like 'em...off they go!)

I can almost see the surface of my studio desk--I used to paint at that thing, when I could still find it...and mat my own paintings on the big flat file, which has been cleaned off twice in the past year but is once again more or less covered, siiiigh.

For some time now I've been doing a little bit of this every day, or almost every day.  Feels good, but it isn't FAST enough.*rg*

I'm sitting here looking at a 10" tall stack of floppy disks...um, why are they still here?  What ARE they?  Oh, yes, and the tape backups.  I don't have a computer with a tape backup any more.  OUT.

(So I went through the floppies and found some that are obviously the manuscripts of my early books...those, I'll keep, but the rest?  Outta here...it feels wasteful, but oddly liberating...*G*)

Back out to the curb with more trash!!

(My back is now officially killing me.*rg*  Time for Advil and a heating pad...)


*Supports you in the simplifing*
Thank you, sweet thing! I'm actually going to take a photo of the pile, just to congratulate myself on all the work!*G*


An encouraging word from France - good work. Now I'm really going to start.....Casey
Thank you, Casey! It is beginning to make a difference, very slowly...

Things are a mess at the moment, because I'm also photographing stuff to put up on eBay to try to get rid of some of it...SO much easier to just put it out for someone to pick up! My kitchen table is a pile of baskets, pottery, gourd dippers and both vintage and reproduction art boxes...


Ah, Kate! You are an inspiration yet again!! It may seem like there are still mountains to go through, but those mounds are definitely a couple of bags less than they were a few days ago. . . just keep plugging along and it will all get done. I SERIOUSLY need to take your lead!!
There ARE still mountains to go through, but it's better. Then I shot and tweaked photos for a batch of stuff I need to put up on eBay and listed some of them--more stuff to get rid of!
"(My back is now officially killing me.*rg* Time for Advil and a heating pad...)"

Hang on to the Advil and heating pad until I can get there with kisses and backrubs... *dls*
I like your option a LOT better, thank you, sweet. *ht*

Not so bad tonight...I did all my heavy work in the morning and it's had time to stretch out a bit...mostly computer work this afternoon, and now time to GO READ...