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September 2013



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Too MUCH stuff.  I feel as though I've been shoveling out for years...and I have.

Today I filled a 55 gallon trash can and another trash bag of throwaways, plus got two boxes of stuff and a bag of clothing ready to give to the Disabled American Veterans on Tuesday.  I'll admit it's looking better...but still...so much more that has to go.  I feel inundated.

Slowwwwwwwwwly, it's feeling a little more organized, a little neater, though.  We're nowhere near feng shui territory, much less Shaker simplicity, but I can tell the top of my dining room table, where I work and pay bills and make jewelry and paint, is actually wood under there!  Who knew?

Or anyway who remembered.*G*  My work has taken over my house...


I've been getting rid of stuff too, although you can't really tell yet, because I keep buying more stuff to replace what I've gotten rid of. Well, kind of. :)

I'm trying to do better. Really, honest!
Sounds like me, Jen! I've been trying to think in terms of "if ONE thing comes in this house, TWO have to go out!" I don't think it counts if the two are two pieces of junk mail, though...*rg*
Yeah, that probably doesn't count. :)

I actually forced myself to toss a perfectly good pan lid last night, because the pan in question was the one I gave to the outside cats, and why would they need a lid? And it didn't fit any of my current pots anyway...

I've actually been browsing through Discardian, which is a website that gives you daily tips about organizing. It's pretty good stuff. Some of it I don't agree with, but other things are right on.

I started from here, which gives a bit of a background about the idea:


It's a neat concept.
That is SERIOUSLY cool. I'm going to enjoy catching up with that, thank you!
It is an EXCELLENT concept - I find I'm actually looking forward to getting rid of stuff instead of dreading it! THANK YOU!!
Yes, Jen sent this at the perfect time, didn't she! And nice synchronicity, here, I'd just gotten the card from the DAV saying they were picking up old clothes and small household items, starting at 8 am this morning--I have one big bag and two boxes, plus an iron kettle sitting out there right now, and if I get more ready before they hit the neighborhood, so much the better!
Off it goes! YES.*GG*

Once upon a time when I first got into reenacting, I was in that "I gotta have all the iron in the world" stage. Then I discovered I don't, in fact, like to serve a regiment, and I travel best LIGHT. Sooooo...off it goes!

Not like it was a REAL old iron kettle, you know, the type that people like to plant geraniums in.*G* Bake oven. Gone...
Plus I've gotten another bag of clothes and two more boxes of kitcheny junk out there...back hurts, now!
I'm getting a lot out of it too. There are some things I'm not going to go with, but for the most part, it's wonderful stuff. :)

You're welcome!
It was fun, when I was on the phone with him tonight, listening to him get rid of stuff! We are BOTH making progress, and it doesn't feel as daunting somehow...
Congratulations! I know how much work it is to keep up and keep organized. I unburied my dining room table last week when my son dropped by with a take-out lunch and had nowhere to put it.
OOooh, Jana, I wouldn't know about the keeping up and keeping organized. Part of what I'm getting rid of now are some of my previous plans that were intended to help me get organized! They THEY take over--I had three wire in-baskets, a plastic one, and a wood one, all of them full of stuff I hadn't looked at in three years or more! Not how that was supposed to work...

Now it's large plastic tubs...they're ugly as sin, and they're starting to take over the house too, too. Most of them are full of stuff I haven't looked at in ages, EITHER...

And oh, yes, art supplies. Mountains of paper, watercolor pads, blocks, sheets intended for handmade journals, palettes, tubes of paint, portfolios...aiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But the Disabled American Veterans sent me a notice of a free pickup day TOMORROW, and by golly there is going to be stuff for them to pick up!!
Stuff is my downfall too. Sometimes I just move stuff from place to place to create the semblance of order. I have been better about clearing my desktop once a week, though. If I don't i start losing things like library books - gets expensive.
I do a lot of moving and stacking but REALLY trying to move things out, lately. It's very slowly beginning to show.*G*

I haven't lost a library book in...oh...a month or three.*G*
we (i) have begun the dredging of the bedroom that has housed three daughters during the years. as each left, they left behind their "mark", to reserve territory. this includes star wars creatures (including a rebel interceptor--nearly life size, in my book), piles of papers, sketch books by the gross, canvases that fill the upstairs bathroom...er...gallery, an antique floor model radio, sculptures of glass, and one large flight cage for birds. friday night and all day saturday brought some semblance of order--but now i have to approach the landing upstairs, and do the same magic. argh. we need a studio, freestanding, with storage space! (but it has been a fun trip down memory lane--a time capsule, of sorts)
I'm getting better at passing along Harris's things...some things I got rid of immediately or found good homes for, and some things have fit Joseph so that works well. I gave away tons of his books to his friends. There are a few things I wanted to keep, but they were the special things--photos, baby books, notes.

The only things I still haven't been able to let go of are the clothes he wore that last day. Silly, eh? I hope they can go soon, it's been ten years next month.

Most of the stuff I'm dealing with NOW is just stuff I don't remember why I got in the first place, or parts of my old life. I don't can much any more...finally tried to garden again last year and found the trees have grown so big my garden's mostly shaded! So letting go...passing along...