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September 2013



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Oliver, Raffine

Oliver, Raffine, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

I just got a new Raffine sketchbook and decided to christen it yesterday with the gorgeous Oliver. He moves ALL the time--I practically had to follow him around the house with the sketchbook and paints.

He's got the most gorgeous eyes, so I keep trying...a very sweet and loving animal, whom I am spoiling rotten. (He had a bit of a head start as it was.*G*)


the oliver is gorgeous! he doesn't look a bit disturbed that you are spoiling him...i think you have t otry a bit harder. he's not appearing annoyed at your good intentions, yet.
Well, he's wandering around the house complaining, right now! I discovered that Pounce makes him puke, and so he's not getting them any more...he's MAD. Backing off from spoiling for his own good is not a concept he cares much for...


The economy of your strokes is just wonderful. And yes, Oliver is gorgeous.

Thank you, Suzanne! YOu pretty much HAVE to be economical unless you're working from a photo! Even when he's sitting, he's looking out the window or at the other cats or taking a bath or falling asleep.

Except now, of course, when he's sitting in my lap wondering why I'm not drawing his gorgeous self!
This is a beautiful image! You have inspired me to try one of my Meg ... if I can get here to stay still for 5 minutes, that is :-)
Bet you can't get her to! I see why people resort to photos!
How right you are! Think I will try the head shape while she is sleeping and then make her eyes and exercise in memory. She has gorgeous yellow eyes like your cat's.
I'd love to see what you do, Robyn!


WHAT A CUTIE!!!! And those EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Miss Lin! He's got me wrapped around his little declawed paw!
Kate, I love those eyes. What a beauty. Love, love, love how the pencil and the wash work together. It is perfect. My raffine sketch book arrived today. After hearing so much about them, I am eager to try it out. I hope it doesn't beg to go back to the store... regards, Rebecca
Have fun, Rebecca! That's why I bought mine, I'd heard so much about them. I like Aquabee's Super Deluxe, too, but the Raffine has slightly heavier paper and takes a wash well.

He's a pretty boy, isn't he?!