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September 2013



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Hyder Cabin, my demo from the other night, finished

Hyder Cabin, finished, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

There are some of the steps in the tweaking process in my Flickr album...if you're interested in process, just click on the image...you'll find the history of the old cabin, as well!

Through the years, various people, individuals and groups, have tried to save this old cabin, perhaps moving it to one of the parks in town. The resource photo I worked from was perhaps 10-15 years old--the cabin is in much worse shape today than it was here. What a waste...


we lost an old cabin/shed near us, the same way. for years, it sat by a back road, getting greyer and greyer, and leaning more and more. it finally just went over, and when construction was decided upon for the area, it was just dug into the ground. i was wishing i could have salvaged some of the boards, if nothing else, for making frames, etc. another, part of an old co-op, was torn down in the last few years, too. *sigh* that's when i knew i was truly an old fogey...i've hated that kind of change, and that just cemented it! there's an era we'll never see again.
I think I was BORN an old fogey! I hate losing interesting, unique, beautiful things! Hence all my recent barn paintings, before they too are replaced by metal Morton buildings or simply torn down and replace by McMansions.

My husband and I were the last human occupants of the log cabin I lived in for 7 years in the 70s. Hogs next, then torn down and donated to an historic site, which left the logs piled on the ground until they rotted away. At least I DID rescue one hand-cut peg...just for sentimental reasons.
Maybe we ought to start scrounging the countryside for materials to build our garage... *dls*
That would be some garage, love!
couldnt resist coming by to say that this looks gorgeous. a real treat to see.
Thank you! It really was a beautiful little relic!


I´m from the old grey barn-country...

Northern Sweden has a lot of old barns (not really cabins, like yours, but still quite small) standing out in the fields. In the old times the farmers stored their hay in them. It saved the hard work of bringing in all the hay to the farm at the same time - all their fields weren´t always in the same area. Now many of these old barns are falling apart, and there is even a design company who buys them to make furniture from the beautiful grey wood... a bit sad, if you ask me.
Beautiful beautiful painting, I am always in awe looking at your watercolors! I should do one of the barns up north some time, but I´m usually there in the summertime, and I´m allergic to all this green stuff growing around them...

Re: I´m from the old grey barn-country...

Hi Nina! Thank you for the kind words (and yes, sorry LJ doesn't give you the option to fill in your name and website like Blogger does!)

I'd love to see your barns...it IS a shame to see them falling down, or torn down to make picture frames or furniture, though that happens a lot here too.

And what a shame you're allergic to the green stuff!


Oh, sorry, that last comment was made by Nina J, thought I should tell you. Guess I look pretty anonymous here otherwise...
One of my few complaints with LJ! Sorry...



I thought I'd just drop by and see what you were up to. (I'm a newbie at EDM and you kindly left encouraging remarks on my new blog!) Your work is fantastic and I absolutely love this cabin. Annabel

Re: Edm

Thanks very much Annabel! You do nice work...glad you found EDM!