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September 2013



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...was astoundingly busy, fun, exhausting, frustrating, interesting, puzzling, and oh, did I say exhausting?

It was our first Art Crawl, and silly me, I'd thought it would be cool to have a sketchcrawl leading into it, so maybe people would come and stay over for the Art Crawl, check out our cool shops and restaurants and so forth.

Um, Kate?  Meet FRIDAY afternoon at ONE?  The rest of the world isn't freelance...they work for someone else, or go to school.  Needless to say I went to the meeting place, hung around for a half hour or so, bounced my godchild on my knee, and left to get more work done.  Duh...NEXT time we'll try Saturday or Sunday! 

And more notice.  The delightful local paper didn't get the media release in, either about the sketchcrawl OR my demo for the evening, at Olde English Garden Shoppe.  Greaaaaat...

Ginger, the owner at Olde English, had sent one, I'd sent one...but oh well...local imaginary scandals and sports got the ink.

Just as well about the sketchcrawl, I guess!  I'd spoken to my sweet friend Jytte earlier in the week about meeting there at Scandinavian Country for the event, and Susan and I had talked about it before, but...things have been nuts for ALL of us, Jytte's husband has had health problems, and I didn't call to reconfirm or remind later in the week.  I got there and the poor girls were unpacking 20 boxes of new stuff, with every table full of inventory.  Good darn thing no one showed--we were ALL relieved, I think!--though we could have moved upstairs.  They were really sweet about it, but I felt like a twit.

So goes the 2nd non-existent Kate Johnson sketchcrawl...maybe the third time WILL be the charm, or I'll get the picture and forget it.  Not meant to be! <;-}

My old friend R. called to borrow some of my reenacting gear so she could portray Mother Goose this morning, so I dug through my gear to find stuff that might work for her, and she came to pick it up about 10 minutes before I had to leave to go to the demo...running around like a crazy person...

And then there was the problem of my being spoiled from working plein air or from life, and finding a photo to work from for the demo...hard to do, as it turned out, though I have boxes and boxes of photos I've taken over the years!  I ended up plowing through huge piles to find a handful of things that might work, and stuffed them in my bag with the other gear...forgot my camera, though...

SO.  As mentioned, the paper had neglected to print the release, and consequently those people who wandered into the shop often said "OH, I didn't know you'd be here!  You're PAINTING?"  Siiiigh...

With wonderful irony, however, the very first person through the door was the publisher of the paper, who appeared to be really surprised to see me. 

Did I tweak him??  NAAaaaaaaaaaaaah, why would you think that??? >:-PP

The paintings themselves went pretty well--got two mostly done during the evening, and talked to several interested folk (including a young mother of 3 who also does art--I think we're adopting eachother!)  I'll finish the paintings this weekend and scan them...

I had hoped to get away to visit the other galleries on the crawl, but...that didn't happen either, and erk, the first two were where the food and wine were!  I was STARVING.  So were Ginger and Polly Jaben, the wonderful photographer whose work is also at Olde English, so we closed 15 minutes early (yeh, barring the press of crowds from the door...) and headed out to Hunan.  Dinner was late but LOVELY--we closed the place!

I crashed almost as soon as I came in the front door, here...still recuperating, just after noon on Saturday and still in my nightgown and lounger...

Like that's unusual...*G*




The next one will be a big success! Just make sure the paper does its bit. I feel like taking a nap just after reading all that you did.

And spending one's time in a nightgown long into the day is my favourite thing!

I'm looking forward to seeing the paintings... have a relaxing rest of weekend.

another Kate

Re: Sketchcrawls

I'll sure plan it better! SATURDAY, not a work day!

I worked on one of the paintings a little, and got it scanned, but that's all the farther I've gotten.*G*


forgot to login when I made my last post ...


That would be so incredibly frustrating! I crave doing something like that and would have been there with bells on!

Our local art center begged me to hold a monthly drawing club group, and we were planning to work our way through Bert Dodson's "Keys to Drawing". They pestered until I said yes, and then didn't follow through on their end with advertising or press release. Needless to say, no one showed up. Grrr. So I can imagine how you felt.
Happily, I enjoy painting, so I just mostly lost myself in the process and never mind.

I met a lovely young woman I really hit it off with, and hope to interest in our sketch crawls, so the evening was certainly not a loss! She and her buddy, who owns the local scrapbook store, were a lot of fun...

OMIGOSH that had to be frustrating! At least Miss Ginger got a press release out, as did I, but the local rag just didn't print them. Not scandal, so not interested.*rg*

Funny, I used to like and respect our paper, but it has REALLY gone downhill...