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September 2013



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Workshop banner. FINISHED. Really.

I think I've tweaked myself silly on this one, plus losing it overnight when my computer hiccuped and I hadn't hit "save" night before last. Duh...

I narrowed it, top to bottom, especially that text line, changed the position of the top fonts (again) (slightly) and replaced the pencils that threatened to poke my darling model's eye out, as well as changing the font at the bottom so it didn't clash as much (much of this at kwint's suggestion, thank you!).

I also added color into the palette well that was empty in my original sketch--let's hear it for Photoshop's magic! (Wanted to do yellow, but that kept getting muddy--as yellow watercolor just will!)

Here's what I did to add that bit: selected part of one of the other paint blobs, moved it into the empty well, grabbed another bit and did likewise, turned them in a new position, adjusted the color, and erased around the edges back to the original palette layer to regain the lines that got covered up. Nothing to it. Ha.*G*

Now to move on to something ELSE, please!


Yes! You've got it! It looks wonderful. The tools point to the important words and the palette looks so inviting it makes me want to immediately go paint. It was a lot of work but I think all of your tweaking has been worth it. I agree with making the bottom text smaller.

Don't scream...but I have to raise one more question, though this is an easy one to adjust: your words at the bottom seem too modest to me. Calling yourself an "experienced artist/writer/teacher" is quite an understatement as anyone with a little teaching under their belt can say they're experienced.

You are probably the best known and most respected author of books on watercolor painting and sketching and a master artist. The writer part isn't as important unless you say what you've written (it could be novels which would be irrelevant). I always tell my students that if they could only buy one book on the subject to get your Sierra Club watercolor book and if they could only have one more it would be your Textures book (and that was long before I met you here.

What if you said "...with a reknowned (sp?) master watercolorist and author of XX# of books on watercolor, colored pencil and sketching"? You could definitely make the font smaller to fit in a few more words. I know it's hard to brag about yourself, but that's what marketing is for, no?
erg. Yes, it is VERY VERY hard to brag like that, but you're right about marketing!*G*

I don't think I'm the best known or most respected by a LONG shot, sweetie, but thank you. There's Charles Reid, Nita Engle, Betty Edwards, Burton Silverman, Tony Couch, and on and on...

There will be a section on down on the introduction page, "About Your Teacher," that says: "I'm Cathy Johnson, author of many North Light books including Painting Watercolors, Creating Textures in Watercolor and Watercolor Tricks and Techniques, as well as the very popular Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature and the Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature. I've been a contributing editor for The Artist's Magazine and Watercolor Magic for 15 years, and was a contributing editor and staff naturalist for Country Living Magazine for 11 years. (See my complete bio.)

I've taught watercolor, drawing and sketching, and nature journaling in person, from Maine to Nevada...and now have discovered the wonderful, convenient give-and-take of an international online classroom.

After all these years, I still make art almost daily."

Not enough??

If it's OK, I'll send you the link to the draft page and see what you think, though of course I'm in the process of redesigning THAT, too. Tweak tweak tweak...
Sure, please do send it. I guess I'd been assuming the banner had to say it all. I'd be happy to give you my 2 cents.
Thanks, Jana! I'm waiting for my webmistress to make the changes in the body of the page, and then I will...much appreciated.